Samsung and Apple and more patent talk. This particular case stems back to mid-2011 when Apple accused Samsung of infringing on several patents. This complaint originally included seven patents, however one was quickly dropped from the group. Of the six remaining, it was determined that Samsung infringed on four of them. On the flip side, that meant Samsung did not infringe on those remaining two patents.

Anyway, that ruling arrive as a preliminary decision back in October and was handed down by ITC Judge Thomas Pender. Since then it looks like some of this has been looked at once again. In this case, we now have word on two patents. The ruling for this latest look was handed down back in March and unsealed this week. In short, it looks like Samsung has infringed on one, but not the other.

This latest ruling has Samsung guilty of infringing on a patent dealing with text-selection and as being not-guilty on a patent dealing with the microphone jack. The microphone jack patent touched on the device being able to detect if a microphone or other device is plugged into its microphone jack.

While we have these decisions, this is still not the final outcome of this case. As of now a final decision is expected to arrive in August. Basically, the commission now has to determine whether to uphold or overturn the judge’s ruling. And if upheld Samsung could face an import ban on several handsets.

[via Reuters]

  • Gilbert Gonzalez

    I swear these are the dumbest patents on the planet. Cuz i totally remember Apple or Samsung for that matter advertising “hey we can select text or hey, plug in your ear phones and the phone knows it” when they sell their phones.

    Countless people lined up saying ” I got me an iPhone/Galaxy cuz of that AWESOME text selection feature….and hey it even knows when my headphones are plugged in! This my friend is the future”


  • Jeff

    apple is infringing on my stupidity patent.

  • jakepancake

    Apple iDiots

  • Aman

    But Android introduced Text Selection way before iOS. it was already implemented in the first Android phone HTC Dream aka T-Mobile G1 which hit the markets on 2008. iOS did not introduce that functionality until version 3.0 which was released on 2009.


      I believe it’s the way Samsung phones gets it accomplished though. It is iOS like, when you tap and hold to select text, you get a magnifying glass type of interface to select text, just did it in my Note 2, and I don’t like it, I actually ignore it. So all Samsung has to do is get rid of that stupid magnifying glass crap and they are good.

      • This will honestly be one of the reasons HTC one would sell, they won’t have apple on there backs no matter what they do. Here I come HTC one, oh & great choice on the aluminium!


        I don’t think so. Samsung will sell more low budget phones than HTC can make of the One. It’s called mind share and HTC has ZERO.

      • I like the HTC one because it’s different & if I’m spending $700 on a smartphone I’m sure I’d pick the quality over quantity. Also the reason I never liked iPhone was because I never liked the fact that everyone had it & will continue that. All in all the universal gs4 is only 1.6ghz except in USA because they know Americans just like saying “ours is faster even” in reality the 1.6ghz is enough for everything, HTC is smartenough to kkeep it so that the battery will be spared used per that will be wasted on nothing. Check the specks & see if 200 more quadrant points are worth the 1.9ghz… I like efficiency & quality.


        And since when has an HTC phone had “efficiency & quality”? HTC phones have been known to have the worst battery life around, and I’m guessing the HTC One will not be an exception either, especially with Blink Feed. Not saying Samsung is any better, but they have gotten better and are getting better with each and every iteration. I never have to plug in my Galaxy Note 2 until its time for bed, whether there is light or heavy use. Same cannot be said for HTC phones. XDA developers support Samsung phones way more than HTC phones as , so have fun with that thing, talk about the build quality and turn around and throw a cheap rubber or plastic case on it, also, if you aren’t a root type of person, your update to Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie may never come to you because by that time HTC will be releasing their next flagship device, and we all know how HTC JUST LOVES TO UPDATE THEIR PHONES.

    • Hey, but you forget there old tricks & the guy under there payroll in the patent system, they’ll just say it’s been worked on since the year 1800 & that’s that…. Low, apple your really low.

  • anon

    Apple is just getting pathetic now.

  • Omg, apple needs a life. Talk about patent trolls they’re a company half built on patent suits.