If you are like the many who are starting to get sick of the usual black or white colored bricks we call smartphones these days, Samsung has you covered. With their new flagship Galaxy S III they released an impressive pebble blue color option, and AT&T has even started accepting pre-orders for a garnet red color variant. We are now hearing Samsung has multiple other flavors coming soon.

According to the folks from Pocket-Lint, who spoke with a Samsung rep, they have a few other colors in the pipelines. Here’s what the Samsung rep had to say: “We will be announcing potential colour variants in due course.” While that isn’t a confirmation, it’s a pretty good hint that we’ll see other options soon.

Thanks to PhoneArena we have a few mock-ups of what we can expect to see from Samsung, although I’m kind of hoping for that Nokia Lumia Cyan Blue color option. It looks like they’ve tossed together a few potential colors, but I can’t see myself ever carrying around a rotten banana (ok gold) colored phone. For now we don’t have any additional details from Samsung, so hopefully in the next few weeks we’ll see what they have planned.

Would you buy an odd colored Galaxy S III? If so, what color?

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[via PhoneArena]

  • Охуенчик!!!

  • Magenta of course!!

  • Ugly!!!!! White version is the best

  • Magnus100

    They should have made a black version

  • David Hickes

    Matte black.

  • Freida Dianne

    Pink or green ..pink or green…???!! Arrrgh…Me thinkz pink with a green flip-close case..watermelon (:

  • TMW_Shadowstarr

    Black with either Red, White or Purple accents, button and backlighting for the buttons.

  • Kenny

    all just look plain ugly and dirty

  • firethorn

    Black or gunmetal/anthracite/charcoal/whatever you want to call dark grey, damnit!

  • mykie242

    Green. I love it. I want it. Gimmer me the green 32gb GS3 Please.

  • Denisse


  • Denisse

    Is this true?

  • mmaria452

    Purple or yellow..the heck wif this… green looks nice too. Any color will be great as long as its a galaxy 3…


    Ugly colors samsung.