We have heard the name Samsung Hercules more than a few times. Original reports suggest the Hercules will be the Galaxy S II variant for T-Mobile with a large 4.5″ screen. It appears to have been spotted in the wild running on TELUS and from first glance the hardware looks stellar and I want it already.

We did see a Samsung device recently clear the FCC that might be the Hercules so it might be coming sooner than we expect, with photos like the above starting to appear that is only a good sign. Mobile Syrup caught the device running around with its 4.5″ screen and 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor so things are adding up nicely with previous reports.

They mention the hardware is great and it looks like a mix between a Samsung Galaxy S II and the Nexus S, that combination sounds awesome to me and with that 4.5″ screen you can’t forget the Infuse 4G either. Our sources do mention the stock 480×800 resolution on board but we are hoping their eyes are deceiving them, I’d hope for a higher resolution on that big of a display.

[via Mobile Syrup]

  • omg, its going to look disgusting….a 4.5″ screen…texting someone…keypad taking up 1/3 of screen…cant even see a whole paragraph of a conversation, why do they do this? is it only to get high benchmark scores? we already know they all stack up quite the same, do they lose power on screens higher than 800×450? even the galaxy tab’s use the tegra 2, maybe its cause of the 8 cores tegra uses vs, the 4 cores the mali400 uses that gives it a disadvantage at processing higher pixels. i dont know about these things on phones but if it works as the desktop versions (GPU) then i see whats going on. been around since ati was called “Diamond viper!” anyone remember that? how about 400mgz pentium! lol damn it was fast !