If you watched the hands on videos we posted up yesterday about the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and the Galaxy Note and though you would like to get one of those new tablets for yourself, we have some bad news. Apparently, Samsung told GottaBeMobile that the company has “no plans” to bring the models to the US. That may mean that if you want one in the States you will need to import or go without.

The potentially disappointing news came by way of a company statement that said there are “no plans” to launch either tablet in the US. Perhaps that could change if a carrier shows interest in either device. That doesn’t seem likely to happen though with all the other tablet offerings already available unless these two can be offered at a low price.

Davies speculated yesterday that the Tab 7.7 would still come to the US lacking its voice service capability. That doesn’t seem likely at this point. With Samsung saying it has no plans for the US it has likely shopped the tablet around and found no carrier interest at this time.

[via MobileBurn]

Update: We’ve spoken to Samsung, and it seems there was some confusion in the original comment. “Samsung has not yet announced availability for any part of the world” the company told Android Community. “Those will be coming at a later date.”

That’s not to say that a US launch is definitely a lock-in, but instead that we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out whether carriers are keen on either device or not.

  • “No comment” is public relations-speak for we haven’t made any announcements yet. It doesn’t necessarily mean the devices aren’t coming. I confirmed as much with Samsung:


  • USbornproud

    It seems Samsung wants to SNUB the USA people by not releasing it here -but release it every other place 1st.  Well Samsung- you can kiss my ASCOT,  this company and many others see the writing on the wall- guess its time to boycot your products in the USA and start relying on other manufacturers that still like our US DOLLARS.  I’m sure APPLE and HTC as well as Motorola WILL be more than happy happy to collect my US currency.  Never again a Samsung Product will my company purchase.  Others are just as could and we can rely on them to supply what we need…