Today Samsung Mobile has just released a new commercial for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Ya know, that tablet that sold 2 million units that Sammy later backtracked to say sold much less. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great little device, very portable and fun. It has an amazing screen but it was just to much money to sell in large numbers off contract.

Feel free to work, play, video chat, or create all on the go with the ultra portable 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab says the commercial. Then they move on to say “The PC has evolved, that’s the wonder of Samsung”. Didn’t Apple just say the exact same thing during the iPad 2 Event? I think they did. Overall this is actually a pretty great commercial, the idea behind it is pretty genuine and the way they show everyone at once all “learning” about the Galaxy Tab is pretty neat.

For all your Samsung Galaxy Tab news and information be sure to stay tuned to AndroidCommunity. Samsung has a lot in store for us over the coming weeks for their new lineup of tablets. For your reading pleasure here is some stories all about the Galaxy Tab for you readers:

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and last but not least the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Hands-On

[via YouTube]

  • HoneycombFTW

    Yeah, just that Android devices don’t need a PC to work–OH, Steve you are a funny man creating your new phrases and all when your products don’t even meet the basic idea. No worries though. . . we have Android 😉

  • Saying “Post PC era” is totally different from “PC has evolved!” Please refer back to what Apple said and meant! Apple doesn’t want PC to exist, so they are saying world has moved on from PC era but Samsung is saying PC exists and it just got better!

    Duh! Winning!!

  • xguntherc


    nice name.. HoneycombFTW I agree, I love my Xoom

  • Foobar

    Steve Jobs has been very active recently on this site. Seriously we all know it’s you Steve.