Samsung has been paying more attention to their smartphone updates than Tabs, but we have good news. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7 is their first and only tablet to use their Super AMOLED technology, and is still one of our favorite Samsung slates. Sadly it launched with Gingerbread, then back in the summer of last year was updated to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Today according to SamMobile the Tab 7.7 will be able to enjoy the latest and greatest.

Sadly for those with a Verizon 4G LTE Tab 7.7 the update to Ice Cream Sandwich didn’t arrive until late October, so most likely any devices in the US will be waiting a bit longer for this next flavor. However, for those with the Galaxy Tab 7.7 all around the globe will be happy to know the update to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean is available today.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean improves on the OS quite a bit, and brings tons of fancy features. Project butter to improve the tablets speed with that aging hardware, expandable notifications, and of course Google Now voice search and more. We didn’t think this slate would see another update, but are happy that Samsung hasn’t left it behind.

Before you get too excited, this is only for the Tab 7.7 GT-P6800 model in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia and a few other regions. The GT-P6810 and of course Verizon’s 4G LTE model aren’t so lucky, but hopefully an update for those will arrive in due time. Hopefully Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Tab 3 will use an AMOLED display too, that would be nice.

The update is arriving over the air as we speak, and as usual users can use Samsung Kies to update manually. Let us know how it goes, or if you have any issues.

VIA: AndroidAuthority

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  • Mark

    The Tab 7.7, a 2 year old product, is still literally the best 7 in tablet. Better than the iPad mini and Nexus 7.

    With Jelly Bean now, the gap between it and 2nd place grew even bigger.

  • benjod

    Im updating it now… Waiting lol im so excited hahahahahah

    • benjod

      Done updating and so far, the only thing different is the keyboard lol. I thought everything would look like my note 2 hahaahhaha it is quite faster though… 🙂

    • electronic

      How did you do it? I mean from where did you download the new version?! I too want to update my 7’7 (gt p6800) from europe

  • Tantrums_cute

    How about for galaxy tab 10.1…? Jelly Bean Update please…

    • adam

      Already has jelly bean. Had my 10.1 on it for several months already.

  • Yong

    It is like giving Tab 7.7 a new lease of life, and even much better, faster and smoother interface. The lag has totally dissapeared. Love my Tab 7.7 every single moment!

  • John P

    Kies does not support 7.7 Tab (From the Samsung site) Any other ideas to get ICE on the device. Hope Verizon does a better job with Jellybean….

  • brad hicks

    My samsung galaxy Tab 7.7 will not uptate.
    I’ve tried everything.
    Its still stuck on 3.2.
    Can anyone ppplllleeeaaasssseeeee H .E .L .P ME.
    Thanking anyone who can help in advance.