Earlier this week the folks from Verizon Wireless informed users that the Samsung Galaxy Stellar would soon become the latest device updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Today we can confirm thanks to a few tips to the inbox the update has started rolling out and arriving for users as we speak. If you’re rocking the Stellar read on for more details.

Late last week Verizon broke the news on their official blog, confirming that the tasty Jelly Beans would be arriving – and now they’re finally here. According to Verizon the update should have started rolling out Monday, but we’ve just started seeing reports today that it has indeed arrived for many users.

The update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean brings the Samsung Galaxy Stellar some pretty awesome new features. Aside from everything we know about Jelly Bean, Samsung’s TouchWiz will be overhauled, and users will notice tons of changes in their notification pull-down bar. For one the notifications are now expandable and share more information, then the TouchWiz quick shortcuts have been improved.

As usual Jelly Bean brings better notifications for the device, improved keyboard, a smoother UI, and our personal favorite Google Now. The update is over 400MB in size, so you might want to use WiFi for the download. Along with Jelly Bean you can expect improved network performance and battery life, and the Verizon Appstore has been removed.

As usual you can check manually by heading into settings > about phone > and checking for updates yourself. Let us know if you experience any issues and enjoy that Google Now. More details on the full update can be found below.

[via Verizon]

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  • That is stellar!

  • Why is my phone vibrating all of the time now?

    • Kim Boggs

      Mine is doing the same thing! AND I can’t get the keypad sound OFF. It’s driving me nuts, not to mention vibrate drains the battery faster. Anyone???

  • shaylin

    My message notifications are opposite. I have unread txts when there is no notifiaction and vis versa. Please fix! Also don’t like the new google search bar…

  • Nicole

    Everything but the keyboard on my phone has been given the update. Most articles about 4.1 claim that it was given an improved keyboard and better ways to correct your words, but mine doesn’t even look like it did with 4.0 and word correction is horrible (Example below) Anyway to fix this?

  • Nicole

    Photo wouldn’t upload..sorry.

  • Clay

    Is there still no built in screen shot feature?

  • James

    4.1 on galaxy stellar is noticeably laggy. updated a few days ago and I don’t like it. anyone have this issue?