Samsung fans went up in arms when we recently learned that Samsung was not going to activate the “adoptable storage” feature of Android, something that was supposed to be innate to Android Marshmallow. And seeing that Samsung’s TouchWiz UI already uses 8GB of the total 32GB storage most vanilla Galaxy S7’s will have, that is bad, bad news. But here’s some news that should balance the irritation the other way.


For a normal user, the Samsung Galaxy S7’s 32GB storage might be enough. Right at setup, if you already have a list of apps included in your usual daily process, you might have around 16GB left from your internal storage. But for heavy users and people who test apps (like us), 16GB left for presumably a 2 to 3 year lifetime of a phone is not going to cut it. Good thing that Samsung has apparently allowed transfering apps to an external microSD card.


This will let you free up internal storage so you can download a bit more apps and have the needed space for updates when the time comes. Remember that this feature – transferring apps to external microSD – is not usually activated in some brands and models. It feels like Samsung thought of this as an answer to not allowing adoptable storage.

Samsung eating up 8GB of your internal storage out of the box is still not a good thing, mind you. And so is not allowing adoptable storage. But at least users will have an alternative when things get tight. Now, time to break out that 320GB microSD card.

VIA: Droid Life

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Not all apps can do this

  • Jabrix

    For daily use I always put apps on internal for faster environment,, and games on external

  • Reed

    Still not great. You can’t move entire apps to the SD card using this method, only parts of apps, and only in apps that were developed with this feature in mind. No, the modding scene will have to fix this phone before I buy it.

  • Junior Rosario

    I have moved 90 percent of my apps to the external memory…..Only a few won’t let you do the transfer, like bank apps and whatsapp which I think makes sense.

    But moving 60-80 percent of the apps you have on your device, plus all Media files is way better than not having the external Memory feature.

    • k1DBLITZ

      The problem with this approach is that when the app auto updates (and some apps are updated frequently) it defaults back to the internal storage location at which point you must move it… again. It’s a vicious circle. 🙁

  • johnny q sang

    damn lies. got the galaxy s7, and try to move game apps to sdcard but it does nothing

    • Dennis Furlan

      Only some apps allow for the option to store on SD card. I believe that’s how it’s always been with Samsung. Other Android manufacturers don’t even provide that option.

    • Bruce

      I’m having the same problem. App gives me option to move, goes to export screen and sits there. Won’t transfer. I’ve moved some already but can’t do anymore.

  • Sri

    Can you move apps into sd card in ATT s7 edge, for me I do not see that option to change storage.