Though we’re expecting to see the Galaxy S5 unveiled at Samsung’s event at MWC, new info may hint at just what we’ll be looking at. A rendered image from a trusted source hints at a slightly tweaked hardware design, which could make the S5 a bit more modern. Then again, it looks a lot like another handset we’re fond of.

Though Move Player, the source of this info, has a track record of calling Samsung’s shots pretty accurately, we’ll keep in mind it is just a rendered image. There is no reason to believe Move Player has their hands on an S5, and they don’t cite any particular source for this knowledge. We’re sure they’ve method to the madness, but accurate? We’re best served holding off on excitement.

The render, which you can see below, shows a more squared look. Move Player also notes the Galaxy S5 will be a bit thinner, and offer different overall dimensions. They also speculate the new device will have more screen taking up the front. The goal, it seems, it to update hardware as well as software — Samsung’s Galaxy S4 was far too similar to the S3. If this render is accurte, it would set the S5 apart from the rest.

Then again, it looks a lot like the Nexus 5 to us. Though Samsung has apparently minimized the hardware button up front, the slimmer profile and squared sides look a bit too LG. Move Player has been correct about these things in the past, which lends credibility to their render — but it’s not official. When it is official, which we expect to be next week at MWC, we’ll be there to bring you all the info about the handset.


  • BennyBrick5

    Kinds looks like a glossy, white Nexus 5 with a physical home button.

  • Gilbert Gonzalez

    Samsung has lost me as a customer. They keep releasing the same shit over and over again. They are being very….dare I say…Apple like. Perhaps. I won’t say I’ll never own another Samsung (Galaxy) phone again, but the excitement in the release of a new device is just gone for me. Its a shame since they have the ability to make awesome devices. But an awesome device of 2 or 3 years ago…isn’t awesome today.

    I think I’ll be sticking to Nexus line for as long as they are available.

    • Max Fireman

      Yeah because releasing a phone with a screen, camera, speaker, a bezel and a battery is always the same right???

    • Nathan Bryant

      I can see you want a dramatic overhaul in the design?

      • Gilbert Gonzalez

        In all honesty, yea it definitely wouldn’t hurt to see something different.

    • Mike

      You’re an idiot. You rip Samsung for the consistency in the design of a phone line which it manufactures and is the #1 selling line for Android. Then try and compare it to the Nexus line which doesn’t have a specific manufacturer .

      Also think about how many years in between redesigns for a car manufacturer. You don’t spend millions on R&D, sell a very successful product, then redesign the whole thing the next year. Your business sense is pathetic.

      • Gilbert Gonzalez

        Dude, 1st of all chill out. All i was saying is their new products don’t excite me anymore. We are all entitled to an opinion on what we all spend our own money on are we not? I could give a rats ass about business sense. Am I making any money from Samsung or any OEM…..NO i am not. All i care about is what I spend my own money on. That’s it, cuz that’s the only thing that affects me.

        Are Samsung products good? Of course they are. Anyone who says they aren’t is just plain old hating. But i can’t fathom spending 300-600 for a phone that’s almost the same every year. (See iPhone (x) vs iPhone (x)S.

        In response to your car manufacture analogy. Majority of the redesign models are easily distinguishable from the previous model. When a car is made its usually kept around for 5 years or so with subtle improvements. But they certainly don’t call it “all new” until they make an “all new” model.

  • Mark

    Not really concerned about the form factor…More concerned on whether it has 2k or not

  • samsung seeker

    I dont think this is real because with such a large frame (particularly lower part) it wont be possible to have a 5.25 inches display

  • me

    Shouldn’t the status bar icons be white? (Battery)

  • Jeff McAffee

    Off topic, but isn’t it ironic that the word ‘accurate’ is misspelled?

  • JJ

    The speaker position if it is still at the bottom then Samsung has learned nothing through all these years… sigh!