Samsung might be going all out with this Prime version of the Galaxy S5, now leaked to have an aluminum shell instead of the usual plastic. However, as rumors go, there is some disagreement as to what the Galaxy S5 Prime will be like from the inside, whether it will be slightly beefier than the current flagship or not.

It seems only reasonable that Samsung would soon be outing a smartphone boasting of a 2K display. The Galaxy S5 itself was, after all, rumored to come with one, though the reality was disappointing. But perhaps more importantly, LG is expected to soon unveil the G3, it’s next flagship that will bear not only a WQHD screen but also a brushed metal look. Naturally, Samsung has to have one too, and it seems that the Galaxy S5 Prime will be all these high-end features will converge, at least based on the latest leaks.

But whereas LG will be going for brushed metal, which was first seen in the G Flex, Samsung is said to be going for aluminum, a marked divergence from its usual path. Samsung has obstinately stuck with plastic, preferring to play tricks, like faux leather and perforated covers, while keeping the material the same. Now, however, it may have seen the light, if only briefly. The Galaxy S5 Prime might even come in a golden hue, as shown in the video below.

The Galaxy S5 Prime is also rumored to sport some specs even higher than that of the Galaxy S5. Meaning there’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 running beneath, with 3 GB of RAM instead of only 2. This, however, is where reality might once again disappoint. The leaked device showcased in the video below only talks of a Snapdragon 801, the very same found on the current flagship. Benchmarking apps reveal the model to be the G906A, which rumors and leaks have already tied with the Galaxy S5 Prime.

It would almost be too good to be true if the Galaxy S5 Prime did come with this hardware, but the problem will be market perception and reception. A Galaxy S5 variant with a 2K display is already enough reason for new Galaxy S5 owners to be jealous, but one with a spec boost will definitely be a bigger issue. Depending on the price tag and how Samsung plays it, a truly premium Galaxy S5 Prime might earn the manufacturer some very disappointed, if not irked, customers.

VIA: phoneArena

  • Joshua Cooper

    HTC better not follow suit. I’m gonna be ticked if so.

    • cho

      Like you don’t know there’s a new phone coming out every 3-6 months? Perhaps you should buy cheaper phones if you’re so prone to near-instantaneous remorse.

      • Richard Gao

        whoa man chill, he has a right to wanting his M8 to be top of the line for a year

      • cho

        Where is this right? Is it in the constitution? I think if you spend so much on a phone, you’d have done your research on the market and realised that this happens and there is nothing you can do about it. We’re at a point where if you spend enough money, your phone will be awesome for as long as it lives.

        There are several brands competing in this market. If one waits a year the other 3-4 are the top of the line and they get the sales in the top-of-the-line seeking market. I don’t disagree it’s wasteful and excessive, but to complain? Does your M8 not do everything you want it to do?

        I must commend you calling on me being a SamsungNut because somehow you knew I own a Note II. Impressed.
        It isn’t the handset I’d recommend now (just talked my friend into an M8), it was simply the best choice at the time (the M7 in Australia has no microSD, the S4 had just launched and the Note III had just leaked).

        My girlfriend’s Moto G cost a third of it’s price and I would not be disappointed if I found myself in a situation where I could only afford a budget phone like it. The fact that new handsets are constantly released that improve on power and price point is only good news.

        My point above was you can spend little and be impressed or spend a lot and be let down. Or you can spend a lot and be happy. But it’s up to you, not the producers.

      • Joshua Cooper

        The HTC One M7 came out March 7, 2013 and the M8 came out March 25, 2014. That’s a year. I can respect having a year between flagship updates, but we are talking less than 3 months here. I realize LG is going to release the G3 because it’s time to upgrade the G2, but Samsung and HTC’s phones are less than 2 months old. Not time for a upgrade yet.

      • Andrew Hope

        The main reason I didn’t buy a Z2 was because of Sonny’s flagship update cycle. 3 in a year, as opposed to HTC’s one.
        Same goes for LG, although if the G3 really is that good I might reconsider.
        Probably wait until next year’s 64bit handsets though…

      • Andrew Hope

        And you totally contridicted yourself there?
        People spend a lot of money on a flagship, precisely because they don’t want buyers’ remorse!
        I guess, if you were stupid enough to buy an S5 in the first place, you would have remorse regardless :-)!

  • Richard Gao

    it says Snapdragon 801 in the video?

    • and 1080p AND 2GB of RAM…… better not be! I’m holding out for this

      • Richard Gao

        thank god, i have an S5 already…lol. i think the Prime is just a metal body or this might be the active

      • The pics posted previously show something else all together, so I’m thinking you’re right, this may just be an Active model and the one with the black battery cover, new camera housing, sleeker charging port, and smoothed metal trim may be the Prime – here’s to hoping!

      • Richard Gao

        i’m a little confused because the AT&T S5 is SM-G900A and this one is SM-G906A, which means it’s an AT&T phone, but then it’s SM-G906, which is supposed to be the SD805, 3GB RAM one, but it has an SD801 with 2 GB RAM

  • Carpediem06

    I call fake!

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  • thank god i dont upgrade my sgs4 right away to sgs5 🙂 i wait for this beast to come out =)

    • Liaw Kim Poh

      or the LG G3 😀

  • Andrew Hope

    Anyone else, like me, totally Fucking non-impressed either way?!:
    a)It’s fake, with an after market back from eBay or Amazon for $4 & this idiot has gone to all this effort for nothing
    b)It’s genuine and basically just an S5 with an aluminium back & virtually identical specs, Android 4.4.3 but TouchWizz as fugly awful as ever!
    I’m calling Bullshit personally. There’s no way way pre-production model would be undisguised like this…period…This could well just be dirty tricks to keep the LG G3 or of the news by Samsung, because they know, the G3 will be the best phone to come out of South Korea this year…
    I actually wish it was real because it is really that much of a piece of crap!
    Thank god I went with the HTC One M8!