Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charger hands-on

July 1, 2013

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This past week we've been enjoying a few more mobile options from the folks at Samsung. We reviewed their new Galaxy S 4 Active, and now we have the wireless charging dock available for some quick hands-on time. Samsung's charging kit you’re seeing here works with the Qi standard, just like many wireless chargers from Nokia, LG, and even the model for the Nexus 4. Samsung delivers a new battery cover to complete the task, so take a peek below.

Samsung finally unleashed the wireless charging kit on their online store recently, and for those interested we have a few thoughts on the package. The charging dock itself is quite large, much bigger in fact than both the Nexus 4 and LG's wireless chargers. It has a durable and hefty feel, and a nice rubbery coating to keep the phone safe from any scratching while you toss it on and off for a quick charge.

While Samsung's Galaxy S4 (now) comes in a wide array of colors, sadly the charging dock only has one option available: grey. Of course anyone should know the dock will be plugged into a nearby outlet using the same micro-USB cord as usual, then you just toss your phone on that charging dock platform for juice. Samsung makes it very apparent on the device with a sticker, that you'll need to be perfectly aligned. This held true too, slight turns and the phone wouldn't charge. So long as the middle is centered, you'll be good though.


Unlike the Nexus 4, DROID DNA and a few others, the Galaxy S4 requires a replacement battery cover to enjoy the wireless charging capability. One which won't be provided in the box, but a quick $39 will get you the color of your choice. Verizon and most carriers have them in store and online in both white or black. Sadly, you'll also need to spend $49 for the charging pad, but the convenience may be worth it to some.

Speaking of the replacement battery back. It's quite thick, and as you can see in the image below there's a noticeable increase in thickness, but overall nothing to be concerned about. Compared to the Active below, you can see the difference. As a comparison the stock GS4 back is flush or thinner than the camera. Here you can see the lip added with the new back. The GS4 is thin already, so this almost gives it a more premium feel as it adds to the overall feel in your hand. That's my opinion at least.


Sadly we wish this could have came standard, just like it did with the Nexus 4, HTC DROID DNA, Optimus G, and a few others. However, if you have the LG wireless charging kit, the Nexus 4 charger, or even some 3rd party Energizer models or even one from Nokia, they'll all work with ease. All you'll need is that replacement battery cover.

Take a peek at a few more pictures below, then decide if the near $90 price is worth it to you. We love the convenience personally, just wish it would have came standard. Not as an aftermarket purchase.

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  • James

    How can this be more convenient than using a wire to charge? Wireless means that you can’t use your phone whilst charging as it has to remain flat and in one position. It’s like a step back in my opinion.

    • It’s also a slower charge.. FYI

    • Major Sceptic

      i have a wireless charger for my sg note 2, the main reason i bought the wireless charger was , i find the micro usb fittings a bit fiddly and with my dodgy old eyes a bit of a pain at times,
      also i worry that eventually the plug socket might eventually wear out on my expensive smart phone, as far as using the phone while it is on the dock, i don’t find it too bad , when i pick the phone up it wakes up , i just join the dots and away i go.
      about my only gripe is that the charger doesn’t quite have the power to charge through my protective case and i have to remove it, with a bit of fiddling i can find the sweet spot and make it work , but too much mucking around for me, other than that i like it.

  • Jason Wissel

    Alright, OFFICIAL MESSAGE TO ANYONE SELLING WIRELESS CHARGING. STOP bullshi*ing US! If the technology is not here yet, fine. But please stop trying to sell us these facades of so called wireless charging!

    • U mad bro..

      Seriously though.. True wireless charging would be amazing. As in, no cord. Maybe one day soon.

  • Andrew

    Can this be used with a case? So if my GS4 with the new back is in my Otterbox, will it charge the phone through the case? it would suck if wireless charging only works when the phone is unprotected

  • henry

    what do you people really wants? over the air charging!? geezzzz! its just never enough. people are really getting lazy.

  • henry

    i have a QI receiver and Nokia DT900 on my note 2, and it works with UAG case.

    • Andrew

      Thank you very much!

  • Objctive

    Seriously? I still prefer charging with cable because i can still play with my phone while charging it, wirelss charging lik this really useless

  • kyleresq

    This isn’t clear if the wireless charging works with the s4 active.