Lately we’ve been seeing more and more cases with other functions aside from just protecting your smartphone, and one of those is the wallet case. While they’re more popular for the iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has a few options as well. Today we’ll be showing off the Q Card Case for the Galaxy S4 by a company called CM4. Read on to see what we thought, and if we’d use it daily.

It’s called the Q Card Case by CM4, and so far they only offer their unique and patented case for a few iPhone models and the Galaxy S4. Mixing a well designed soft rubber case into a leather-like fabric for the wallet side, this does both duties with ease and is actually quite nice. To be honest at first we didn’t expect to actually use this daily, because of the bulk, but read on to see what we thought.

Coming in with a solid design the Q Card Case looks good, and functions as an excellent case. Perfect precision cut holes for the buttons, headphone jack, microphones, and even the Infrared remote control eye. Then what was probably my favorite feature was the “direct channel audio” port.


Those with a Galaxy S4 know that setting it on a table will muffle the speaker, and I’ve missed plenty of calls for that very reason. The Q Case channels the sound forward like a front facing speaker, and it’s actually a nice touch. I like it. Check the case out in our hands-on video below.

To be completely honest I was ready to toss it before even trying it out, but thankfully I didn’t. The forward facing speaker, leather-like fancy design, and perfect case features all made it worth trying. I was afraid the added thickness would be a deal breaker and was ready to give up on day 2. We didn’t though, and after 3-4 days of tolerating it, it’s now my daily driver case simply out of convenience.

Not only do I tolerate the added thickness, but I actually like and recommend the Q Card Case. I’ve never been one to carry a wallet, and now I can have my phone protected and carry my drivers license, debit card, and some rewards cards all-in-one. Just don’t lose your phone, or you’ll be seriously out of luck.

After using this heavily for over 3 weeks I’ve found no flaws or noticeable wear and tear, so it gets a thumbs up here. The CM4 Q Card Case comes in black, red, brown, or pacific green, and can be found for just $39.99 at their site linked to at the top of the post. I was a skeptic at first, but this is now my case I use daily. Check them out!

  • Josh Kerr

    You’ve seriously missed calls because your phone was laying on a table? I’m sorry but that’s straight bs. Unless you’re surrounded by heavy metal-playing lumberjacks driving trains…

    • As in I was in another room and it wasn’t quite loud enough, because it gets muffled. All I’m saying is the speaker layout sucks on the GS4. And is improved with this case.

      • Josh Kerr

        No need to fib then… I actually find that the way the speaker bounces sound off of hard, smooth surfaces amplifies the sound for me… I could understand if you set it on carpet or something… But that’s why there’s a notch projecting out from the speaker – so the phone does not lay flat, preventing the sound from being muffled. I don’t believe you. Nice review of the case, though.

      • hmm. Yea I guess compared to the Galaxy Nexus and other phones I’ve had, it seems muffled more than most. To me at least. Either way, case is awesome.

  • ImmaDroid

    wow I kind of like this case, nice find. I’ve seen those ones that are like the flip front cover that has the credit card slot in it, but I don’t like those.. this is a little more compact. A little pricey though

    • Yea I didn’t like the flip cover wallet ones. This is much better. I wasn’t sure at first, but I love it.

  • Pontefy

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