As the Samsung event gets closer it seems the Galaxy S4 related leaks and rumors seem to be going into overdrive. We recently mentioned those screenshots showing the Smart Scroll and Smart Pause features and now it looks like we are getting a look at some screenshots from a US model Galaxy S4. The images come courtesy of the folks at GSM Israel and while these seem believable enough, we have to remain skeptical.

That warning out of the way, lets get into what we see — including another look at the Smart Screen settings page. Yes, this latest round of leaked screenshots is showing us another look. The descriptions for each of these features remains the same across both sets of screenshots with one exception. On those previous images, the Smart Pause description ended with a period while these latest images seem to better match the rest of the descriptions and simply end after the last word.

Samsung_I337 Galaxy S IV_Mar_6_2013_10_36_31_0

Otherwise, these screenshots are offering a look at the Personalization settings page within My Device, the basic system information and a bit more detail in terms of the display. We are also given a look at the homescreen of the device, which assuming these are accurate, has a background with some blue sky and clouds. Of course, there hasn’t been any indication as to whether or not this is the default background. We also see what we would describe as some minor changes to the TouchWiz user interface.

Remaining bits from these screenshots include details on the processor and display. The processor is shown as being a 1.8GHz quad-core and the display is shown as being full HD at 1920 x 1080 and with a ppi of 441. Previous leaks have shown the Galaxy S4 as having 2GB of RAM, a 13 megapixel rear-facing camera and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. And again, as Samsung has been known to do some tricky things in the past, take these for what they are — screenshots that may be real. In the meantime, check the gallery below for a few more images.

[via unwired view]


    You can even see the multi wiev button on left side on one of the pictures

  • I like how it shows a spot for a SD card. I prefer that option over clouds.

  • AndroidLeads_iFollow

    Neat, sleek, clear! Awesome.

    5″ + 1080p + 480 DPI? The end of story for all competition.
    Only made in USA Motorola X will be able to rival SAMSUNG Galaxy.

    SAMSUNG can easily pack 5.5″ display in Galaxy SIII dimensions with REALLY EFFICIENT design.
    So why not?^^

  • Chippey5

    Nice! Only thing I don’t like is that when people buy an android phone today that happens to be a samsung, they say they buy a samsung, not an android phone..

  • Uriah Romero

    Eye scrolling sounds like a pretty handy feature, but at the same time, it seems like a gimmick. I am looking forward to the 1080p display that’s been heavily rumored, if I’m completely honest. I often stream live and recorded shows on my phone during the commute to and from work at DISH, since it takes a bit of time to get there. I have the DISH Anywhere app on my phone, which lets me stream my shows from my DVR wherever I go, and it would be nice to watch my programs on a higher resolution display.

  • Plastic is fantastic!


    They atleast should screenshot the model number of the phone

  • Yea, it’s called mis direction, I’ll believe all the bells and whistles on the 14 the.