Samsung Galaxy S III unboxed early

May 16, 2012

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Curious to see what the Galaxy S III will look like when it hits European retailers later this month? Yeah, we aren't either. But if you're one of those folks who gets a kick out of watching the latest gadgets shed their cardboard and plastic coverings, you'll want to check out this YouTube video. One lucky Italian blog got their hands on the retail packaging and dutifully proceeded to rip it open for the benefit of the Android world.

In Italy at least, you'll get the standard USB cable, compact charger and a set of headphones - which look noticeably different than the standard black buds Samsung has been bundling for about a year. Note that the exact materials in the packaging will probably differ by region and carrier - AT&T, for example, will almost certainly stick to their rather dull orange and white boxes.

There's also a comparison between the Galaxy S III and the other heavy hitters in the Android world: the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X and the HTC One S. It's a well done little video, so good on ya, HDblog. The Galaxy S III is scheduled for release in Europe on May 30th, the UK on May 29th, and the US sometime this summer.

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  • Bob

    I think you meant to day the Galaxy S III not the Galaxy Note in the last sentence. 

    •  Thx @820d0e4ee14e986a44d33782ca852f51:disqus

      • Also think you meant HTC One X and One S, not One X and One X.