Samsung Galaxy S III render leaks again – looks familiar

March 21, 2012

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Well folks, this is starting to get a little ridiculous. Another "official" and exclusive picture of the Samsung Galaxy S III has been leaked during the late hours last night and this one is as fake as ever. Being hotly anticipated we figured a quick post to show everyone what the SGSIII could look like, but probably wont was in order.

Now first off I want to mention the design. It looks very similar to the leaked photo from this weekend that was supposedly an actual press slide from a presentation. This has the same white front, and ceramic back. That is where the similarities end though. First off look at the widgets on screen like the calendar showing Tuesday the 22nd. Those came from the widgets from the Galaxy S II last year. As March 22nd 2011 was a Tuesday. If this was a real image of the SGSIII we wont be seeing that "live broadcast of the Galaxy S III" until May 22nd. A full two months away.

This clever little fake picture uses on-screen images from the press photos of last year's Galaxy S II, and then takes design hints from the recently announced Galaxy WiFi 4.2 media player. This is indeed a fake, and a decent one but obviously flawed. Either way I'm sure we'll continue to see leaks until Samsung does something about it and eases all of our minds with some real pictures. Hopefully these junk leaks stop, as they are getting a little out of hand.

[via GSM Helpdesk]

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  • Japanda_zx

    if this thing has on screen ics buttons instead of capacitive, samsung can have my money

  • wont spend a penny this time, disappointing of its with TouchWize! Srry my Samsung Galaxy Nexus is still cool eventhough the sound sucks, but its still cool with full ics