The Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year, that goes without question. We've seen various leaks and tons of fakes claiming to be the real deal. While this could very well be as fake as the rest it at least appears to possibly be real. Being spotted in a press invite and listing for the second time now, May 22nd for the unveiling.

Now obviously the image doesn't reveal much as far as design, but most press invites don't. It's an interesting design that is for sure, and that's only if it's real to begin with. Talk about curves right? Uncovered by the folks at Phandroid this could possibly be the real deal, but it's doubtful.

First off press invites never go out two months in advanced, never. Then looking at the design while I could see this being Samsung's next flagship as they try to differentiate themselves from the competition, and the Galaxy S II, this just seems a little much. At the same time the Galaxy Nexus leaks showed us a crazy curved design that was exaggerated too so the same situation could apply here. The slit up the side seems odd and uncomfortable -- and if it's for a stylus or S-pen I'll be angry.

This is a very interesting leak that is for sure. Either someone made a clever and believable press invite image, or this is indeed the real deal. We've seen May 22nd tossed around more than once too, so we should take that into consideration too. What do you guys think? Real deal or too crazy to be legit? Sound off below.

  • Edgardocs11

    Idc if it’s real or not tbh, I just want to buy it the day it comes out! Gahhh common samsung!

  • Shangda

    May is next month…
    Thats not 2months. Meh design is dodge its a fake

    • Yes May is next month but being April 4th and this stating end of May, that is almost 2 months..

      Just sayin…. jeez!

  • Good for Samsung – for keeping the GSIII specs so secretive. I love the suspense. On another note, I’d have to call bullshit on this leak.

  • Scottyb112

    Maybe itll be sleek like that with sexy aluminum body.. that would be great. For once a nice shiny metal phone an not thin plastic

  • tehh4ck3r


  • cheetose4

    I might be wrong on this one but I think the slits on the side are to solve the potential issue of accidental touch imputes from holding a device with a edge to edge display. Also the curve design is to prevent the screen from being scratched if it were to be place face down on a surface. Fake or not, it’s a really well designed phone. 

    The whole other leaks having May 22nd event thing could be Samsung purposely spreading leaks of fake designs just to mess with us :p. After all, if there isn’t a GSIII leak every few days people might start lose interest.

  • ThinKing

    Fake! check out how the space between the III are not equal!

    • Creed74

      In my line of work, we are first taught to look at what IS there before trying to determine what is not. You are 100% correct. The distance between the Roman Numerals for 3 are unevenly spaced.

      And before someone has a fit saying how silly that is, can you honestly expect Samsung to invest mega-millions in the ad campaigns and materials to be accepting of something so basic as proper spacing?

      Get real! This is a total fake. Sometimes you don’t have to look beyond the surface to spot the truth. 

    • Danny

      Good Catch

    • Saveusjeebus

      it could be because the image has been reduced in size from the original, this can sometimes happen

  • Jack

    Why would you be angry if the groove can hold a stylus?

    The S-Pen is amazing on the Note, so the OPTION to have it on the GS3 would be cool.

    And if you don’t want the stylus, since it’s OPTIONAL, then there’s a groove there for you
    to have a better grip on the phone without accidentally touching the

    Genius both ways.

  • Tim Box

    No idea if its real but like the idea of a magnetic stylus… until it picks up metal gung

  • Looks totally fake.

  • Yea baby come to papa.

  • Electron

    “Either someone made a clever and believable press invite image, or this is indeed the real deal…”
    must be real, then. nobody could ever pull off the first.

  • 1. Sleek, cool, different. I like it.
    2. Side groove would be helpful for keeping a grip on phone.
    3. You’d be ANGRY if there’s an S-pen? Geez. Just ignore it if you don’t want to use it. S-pen isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it can be useful, and shouldn’t be viewed as a negative, IMO.

  • looks awesome, with a metallic finish and such thin bezels

  • Mengo

    Somethings wrong. The color of the phone is the same as
    the background and the 3 III’s does not have the same space between
    them.. the 1st is a little alone from the 2 next. Fake

  • Choppertheking

    Im leaning towards fake. The phone simply looks too sci-fi to actually be released as a smartphone, I dont think Samsung is willing to change the II to that extent.

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  • Looks like the end of a fork or something, so fake.