Samsung Galaxy S II vs Infuse 4G Quadrant Benchmark Pummeling

May 7, 2011

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I know there's a mob of citizens out there saying that these benchmarking tests are bad and unreliable and can be fixed to win and etc, etc, but I'm not going to start every single post with this warning - in fact, hold me to this - this is the last time I post this warning. If you don't like benchmarks, don't read benchmarks, and sit on it, Potsie. That said, we've been going through the guts of both the Samsung Infuse 4G and the Samsung Galaxy S II (the Euro version still since the USA version isn't exactly ready for the world yet.) What we're finding is that at first glance they seem pretty similar in their cosmetics. Upon closer inspection, they're COMPLETELY DIFFERENT - and in no small way, let me tell you that.

First, have a look back at our first post on this war between the two brothers (or sisters, or cousins, whatever you like,) then come back and see the true test of mightiness. While it may seem that the Infuse, having a bigger screen and being released at least a few weeks before the Galaxy S II, may be the better of the two, you've got another thing coming if that's you're opinion. Have a look at this simple Quadrant benchmarking test:

You know how much of a difference that is? A whole heck of a lot. That means that in essentially every single category listed here, CPU, Memory, I/O, 2D, and 3D, the Galaxy S II wipes the floor with the Infuse 4G. It's as if it's a whole different generation of phone. And it is. Once this GS2 machine is released in earnest (and by earnest I mean the USA, since I live here, ya know,) you'll find that there'll be basically no other choice but for manufacturers to step up their game not just a couple of steps, but a couple of leaps and bounds.

Also note, both of these tests have been performed straight out of the box!

See below for some additional chassis comparisons in clear view.

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  • Anonymous

    The Infuse 4G is basically just an overclocked Galaxy S device and likely still uses the RFS filesystem which is very slow especially in Quadrant. If you really want to show the difference between the devices it might pay to use different benchmarks though.

  • JT

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    • Nopoint

      I agree this is a waste of time to read. C’mon… news flash a dual core phone is better than a single processor phone. Really…?

      • Why come and read then? This post comes in response to a series of posts asking for such a comparison after seeing the phones next to one another – they look rather similar, and it’s not immediately apparent to a lot of people what the difference is. Really.

      • Chris Chris CHRIS!

        Could you please confirm whether or not the Battery inside the INFUSE 4G(17 can fit inside the SGS II??

        Everyone at xda would love to know. Thank you

      • Chris Chris CHRIS!

        Could you please confirm whether or not the Battery inside the INFUSE 4G(17 can fit inside the SGS II??

        Everyone at xda would love to know. Thank you

      • They are unfortunately different batteries @google-f46ea8a926d0a52f5ecc7c07ab0eff84:disqus and @chrisburns:disqus That being said, I’m still on the same battery – testing standby time. It’s been 1 day and 9hrs and roughly 50% left!

      • I agree with @chrisburns:disqus Android Community cater to more than just Mr. “Nopoint”.

  • Anonymous

    I have a prediction for Sammy’s GS II… T-Mobile will launch the GS II as the Galaxy S II 4G with 21+Mbps in Q3 – Q4. The device will be in its current form with those added T-Mo features that we all love, don’t we? Will T-Mo’s added apps off-set these raw Quadrant scores we’re seeing now? As for the Infuse 4G, I’m sure there’s web pages that’ll swallow that thing whole!!!!

  • Ucfdonkeypunchr

    So still not sure: Wait for the HTC Sensation, or wait for the Galaxy SII. Which to get? Hmmm

    • what carrier are you on? htc sensation is for t-mobile while GSII works on ATT.

      • Anonymous

        Keyword – PREDICTION! Just cause the GS II passed through the FCC with AT&T bands supposedly, doen’t mean any other carrier won’t get it. Nimwit!

      • @DJ_suMo8:disqus Sorry let me be clear, I’m not talking about GSII going to ATT, what I meant is if you’re going to purchase the GSII now (unlocked) it only works with ATT bands.

      • Anonymous

        My bad – edge ain’t going to get you anywhere, anyway. Lol.

  • Anonymous

    I love to see benchmark tests, the S2 really is one powerful phone.

  • Anonymous

    Loving the healthy competition, but I noticed one thing, check out the 3d benchmarks between the 2 devices. The infuse nearly ties in the 3d department. It just shows how powerful the sgx540 in the hummingbird is. Another thing to note is the infuse is running on froyo while the sgsII is on gingerbread. Im sure that also affected the score somewhat, although I doubt it would make much difference. Mr Chris Burns, did you try running any games on the infuse to see how it does. Thats what im really concerned with. Otherwise im sure day to day usage will be about the same on both devices.

    You know, I read somewhere that while using the sgs2 from full battery to dead, the sgs2 only went to full speed less than 10% of the time. That shows you will have a crazy head room, but other than benchmarking, you will probably never push the sgs2 to it limit.

  • Anonymous

    Great. It’s faster. What does this mean to me? If it can make calls, text, play videos and take pictures that is all I need in a phone.

    Can you please do a battery life comparison between the two? Just a simple WiFi on, no use test. Would like to see how the dual core and smaller battery of the SII compare. Only major things I look for in a phone are an 8MP+ camera and how long it lasts on a charge. A phone that is dead has zero utility.

  • This Individual

    Lol… And these are the sort of tests that we were doing on computers about 6 years ago.. Here I was thinking phones were for calling people on..

  • Thanks for the review.  I was about to buy the infuse since the galaxy s2 is still hard to find.  But now I’ll have to wait. 🙂  Peace!

  • Thanks for the review.  I was about to buy the infuse since the galaxy s2 is still hard to find.  But now I’ll have to wait. 🙂  Peace!

  • Nobody

    Compare the Galaxy S II and the LG Thrill, that is a fair race. They are both Dual-core.

    • Hhhh

      They are NOT both dual core.

  • I am just throwing my 2 cents in, I had the Infuse, Loved it, LOVED the size of the screen, but payed alot of attention to posts and tests like these, so i had to have a SGS2, So i bought one unlocked, used it for 2 days, and returned it, to go back to the Infuse, Don’t get me wrong, the SSGS2 was Fast, but i am not THAT tech savvy, so in the end, the difference in screen size, and yes there is a BIG difference, when you watch alot of videos and play alot of games, I just could not let that big screen go. So as i said, Just my 2 cents, If you really like the big screen of the infuse, it is a great phone, you might have to wait 4-7 seconds longer for somthing, but I myself can live with that.

    • Alexdeleon0289

      They’re both 4.5 inch display….. Just saying same size screen…

  • gerardo vega

    by chance does the battery swap out to each other. lookng to find out if the infuse swap with the epic touch

  • BRfighter 61

    to me the samsung infuse is probably the best of all well (cause i have one and my friend has 
    a s2 and everybody likes my phone cause its nice and big 🙂