Samsung Galaxy S II Headed to T-Mobile?


We have been seeing tons of Galaxy S II news this morning and all week, but still we have not heard a peep regarding if T-Mobile will actually get the Galaxy S II or something else like the Samsung Hercules. Yesterday we posted that Samsung had a email sign-up page live, but taking a closer look they include T-Mobile in the carrier dropdown menu. Does this mean T-Mobile will get a SGSII?

The sign up page will alert you via email for the latest news regarding the exciting SGSII and if you select the dropdown box for carrier preference you have T-Mobile listed when we’ve originally heard the other three main carriers for the U.S. would get it but not T-Mobile. Whether this means they will actually get the superphone or not we don’t know and is up to you to decide.

Since we have covered so much Galaxy S II news this week I’ll just direct you to our Galaxy S II portal for all the news you’d like to read. Check this out though, you might soon be able to buy the SGSII in white.

While this doesn’t prove for sure T-Mobile will see the phone, it does make us think a few different thoughts. One being that the Hercules isn’t just the alternative but a completely different device slated for a different release date, and that Samsung may in fact be aiming to launch more than one big phone on each carrier this late summer, or early fall.

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  • kvs678

    This doesn’t really mean anything.
    Metro PCS and Cellular South appear to be present in the list too, and according to your theory about T-Mobile, they should get the GSII as well. This is highly unlikely, so I’m not sure that this theory is justified.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s my theroy..  They’re probally gonna take a tally from all people that signed up and to what carrier they picked…  Which ever carriers have the most requests,  Samsung will try to bring the handset to.  And that gets a #CM7 FTW! 

  • It’s a mob to new generation. I have heard lot of about T-Mobile. And now, i am going to buy it tomorrow. Thanks for this information..



      The Samsung Galaxy S II will not be out till the end of August or early September.


    I presently have a HTC device for which the contract will be up in September of this year. When it is up I plan to buy a sledgehammer and bust this phone in as many pieces possible so no one else will have the unfortunate experience of using this piece of crap phone either.

    • The S II is probably my favorite so far but I just got it and it’s already a bit out dated. I can’t believe how fast things change sometimes in the cell phone industry. It’s like the computer industry was a few years ago.