New documents have recently been spotted sharing more information about an upcoming top-tier smartphone for T-Mobile. At first thought this was a T-Mo Galaxy Nexus but after taking a closer look it appears this will most likely be the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G — basically a tweaked and improved Galaxy S II. More details after the break.

Some sneaky readers searching through documents showing UAProf files for Samsung phones noticed one for model SGH-T999 had recently been published. Like mention above the first thoughts were a Galaxy Nexus but with the recent announcement of the Blaze 4G that is most likely what we have here. Recently their Galaxy S II was named SGH-T989 — leading us to believe this is either the Galaxy Nexus for T-Mobile, or the Blaze 4G but most likely the latter of the two.

Original details on the Galaxy S Blaze 4G detailed a large AMOLED display but no size or resolution was given. The news also claimed a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and 8 megapixel camera. The phone has a slight redesign over the SGSII and has a little swoop or hump on the top rather than the bottom. The UAProf files mention a 1280 x 720p HD display on board — which makes sense given most phones have sported something similar as of late.

We’ll keep digging for more information but for now it looks like T-Mo is about to get another awesome smartphone to add to the list that offers similar specs to the Nexus.

[via TmoNews]

  • JR69

    Would the CPU be the S3 or (hopefully) S4?

  • i really like this phone specs are similar to the Galaxy Nexus, more powerful camera tho. Galaxy S is back and it is more Bad-S, this time.

  • nathan118

    Why would Tmo and Samsung release a phone that is nearly identical to the galaxy nexus? Makes no sense. You’re telling me that if Tmo does get the Galaxy Nexus, they’re going to sell both of those at the same time?

    • Anonymous

       What makes you think they will get the Galaxy Nexus? You think they want to have a phone they can’t load up with bloatware?

      • Anonymous

        Did you miss the G1, Nexus One, and Nexus S?

      • Quadcore

        …and G2.

      • Quadcore

        …and G2.

  • Specs feels reasonable but I will be still holding back for Galaxy S3 or whatever Samsung will release as it’s high-end device this year. 

  • Gentleman559

    I must be tripping because this phone is the same God damn phone as the Galaxy S 2. WTF!!!!!

    • Ward1095

      I guess we are trippin on the same thing then cuz after reading the specs, it pretty much is the same damn phone, might as well just stick with my G2

  • Whyisthissohard

    I just hope this phone has a way better battery than previous phones!

  • My guess is that the Galaxy S3 will be released in the later part of the year, the best way to market in the new age is let the consumers build up the hype by releasing rumours for months while the manufacturer Samsung in this case sits back and gets free advertising.

  • belldit444

    I only want to knw if Samsung Blaze 4G will arrive to Mexico, dose somebody knw?