Reports from earlier in the week suggested that select Samsung devices were nearing approval for use by the US government. Those reports mentioned the GALAXY S 4, however the overall approval seemed hinged on the Samsung Knox security software. Coming this morning, we have received word from Samsung in regards to the approval and moving forward, the US government and military will be able to use Samsung smartphones and tablets provided they are running the Knox security software.

This approval follows a successful round of Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) testing and essentially grants approval for use on Department of Defense (DoD) networks. While Samsung has announced the approval, they have yet to offer much in terms of the upcoming steps. As of now they have suggested the GALAXY S 4 will be the first handset used.

Based on details coming from Samsung, the GALAXY S 4 is the "first smartphone to be enabled with Knox." Moving forward though, other handsets will arrive running Knox. On this Samsung hasn't offered many specifics, instead simply noting that "going forward, Samsung’s premium smartphones and tablets will feature Samsung Knox."

Aside from the DoD approval, Samsung is also working towards having Knox equipped handsets certified with additional international government certification bodies. Of course, given the DoD approval has come through for Knox equipped handsets, this could means we will eventually see these Samsung devices being used in other security minded markets.

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