Yesterday the folks from Samsung announced their first of many new tablets coming this year with the Galaxy Tab 3, but that isn’t all we can expect to hit the shelves later this year. Apparently the not too popular Galaxy Player series will be getting revamped. Hopefully this time they have some better specs to compete more directly with the iPod Touch.

We were impressed with the Galaxy Player 4.2 in our Review, and now it looks like a follow-up device will be coming soon. With front facing speakers, a decently thin profile, and aimed at games and music the new version could be even better. Somehow Samsung’s been making awesome front facing speakers on their Galaxy Players and tablets for over a year, yet let HTC beat them to the idea on a smartphone. Oops!

That aside, some new details were revealed today showing what appears to be another Samsung Galaxy Player in the works. The original was called the Samsung YP-G1 and came to market in multiple sizes from 2.8 to 6-inches, but the 4.2 was our favorite. Now some benchmarks have leaked revealing the YP-GI2 follow-up device for later this year.


According to TechTastic, the device doesn’t appear to be much better than the previous model. Sadly we still have a 480 x 800 resolution screen, which already makes it not as good as the competition, and a Marvel processor under the hood. However, you’ll be happy to see Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean powering the new Galaxy Player II. It will be covered with Touch Wiz, but if you want a media device that isn’t a phone stay tuned for the Galaxy Player 2.

  • Unfortunately, the US is an apple dominated country. Samsung can make a Galaxy Player that makes the latest iPod touch seem like a rock that plays music, but people will still buy that rock. iPod is synonymous with MP3 player and has been that way for years now. The MP3 player market is a lost cause for manufacturers and they should just save their resources to concentrate on phones and tablets.

    • Captain_Doug

      I’d say that Apple was dominating the US but they are definitely on the downhill road from here. I pretty much disagree with everything you say. This was all true a couple years ago and even last year but not anymore. People are waking up. However I fear it’s just to go back to bed with Samsung.

    • Billy

      Apple does have the “cool” factor, esp with the youngsters. I have two teenage girls, both are on their second IPod Touches, won’t even consider an alternative. Unfortunately Samsung is the only alternative. If we had more choices, then maybe the Apple would rot, or at least become competitive. The IPad is wonderful but Android devices outsell it by far, and offer similar performance and many more options as to size and options, plus kill on price. This is because of competition and choice. Now, our daughter has a 4 year old Touch that needs an OS update, but Apple will not allow anything but the latest one, and her hardware bogs down. In a perfect world she could reinstall an available older Apple OS and all would be well, but then she wouldn’t be inspired to spend another 3-400 bucks. These are kids without cell phone plans and are of the age where style and fitting in matters. We need to break that cycle that Apple has nourished. Yes, they came up with many good ideas and deserve credit, but to dominate a part of the market forever is not right. I pointed out that an expandable 5 inch Samsung player is like 1/2 the price, gives your easier access, more chances to personalize, freedom from ITunes bondage and yet, her comment was that she wouldn’t fir in at school with it. Huh? Style before function, before value? We need to change that. I myself want the new 5.8 incher, I will work around the house in so many ways and fit easily in my breast pocket. An IPod is too small for my fingers and I think Apple makes things too hard for tinkerers like myself. (Steve Jobs should be ashamed sitting up there on that cloud, he became exactly what he fought against in his youth, an over bearing money and power hungry businessman that stifles innovation via killing the competition and maximizing profits).

  • craigd

    Nice looking device with garbage resolution. Take it back to the labs!

  • D3Seeker

    Can someone please tell me why EVERYONE keeps trying to make a PMP that meets a price point rather than quality and specs!!!!??! Give this thing at least a 720p recent tech display, and a CPU that maybe from last years high end Smart phones (or take a page out of someone else’s book [like they do anyways everywhere else] and take the cell radios out of the GalaxyS 3-4, give it a real DAC/amp combo and custom rom to take advantage of those) This isn’t rocket science.

    Last years tech at the LEAST, not 3+ year old tech!!!!