The Samsung Galaxy Note acts as a great miniature tablet — perfect for those who are constantly on the go but want a little more screen size out of their devices. American Airlines thinks so as well, so they’re going to be equipping all of their flight attendants with Galaxy Notes.

The airline is purchasing a whopping 17,000 Galaxy Notes to hand out to their entire fleet of flight attendants. They will be used for recording customer meal and beverage preferences, accessing customer information (like name, seat number, and loyalty program status) and identifying VIP customers or those who require special assistance. Essentially, American Airlines is looking to throw themselves into the 21st century with high-tech gadgets.

The devices will also be used for transactions during flights, like purchasing certain meals or drinks. More uses for the Galaxy Notes aboard AA flights will arrive in the future, like accessing the flight manual and other physical media to cut down on environmental waste and reduce weight. But why the Galaxy Note? American Airline says the device was ultimately picked “because of its thin, portable design, easy to handle profile, SAFE security features, and 5.3-inch HD display that provide wide-screen readability and the functionality necessary to equip flight attendants with the ability to better know their customers and deliver the service they value.”

Honestly, they should have just waited until the Galaxy Note II arrives. It’s only a month or so off and has some newer features and faster hardware that flight attendants could take advantage of. I’m sure American Airlines is just realizing this and are probably facepalming as I speak.

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  • Woe who says that the galaxy nite is too big works great for some ppl but I’mwaiting for the note 2

  • Eldon

    Note vs note 2: they tested with the note, so it makes sense, plus Samsung likely wants to clear stock and thus will give AA a good deal, win-win. Plus they probably don’t need quad core

  • Sperrybird

    Good choice AA. I think anybody who’s tried this phone will be hooked.

  • yunclehead

    AA ordered 17,000? lol Now I know why T-Mobile (Or was it Sprint?) was instantly out of stock on the original Note when they tried to release it recently. This makes me wonder if Samsung will position the first Note for more institutional-type sales. BTW, I think the original Note will do very well for AA’s application.