Samsung has yet to reveal the Galaxy Note III, however it looks like some accessories have already come available for purchase. These aren’t official Samsung products and that does give us some reason for hesitation, but two Galaxy Note III accessories have recently been spotted on Amazon from two different sellers.

The first of the two is a case. This one is pictured above and as you can see, it is just your basic style skin. This one comes by way of InventCase. The second is an extended battery and it comes by way of Hyperion EA. This one is a bit more interesting as it claims the battery supports the Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and International Note III. Notably missing from that is T-Mobile.

It is also slightly interesting that there was no size mentioned for that extended battery. Putting those details (and lack thereof) to the side — while both of these are available for purchase neither are shipping at the moment. In fact, both of these accessories are sitting with a “usually ships within” time of 3 to 5 weeks.

As we know, Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy Note III (and the Galaxy Gear) on September 4 so we would suggest holding off any any accessory purchases until at least that time. We will also be looking towards that September 4 event to see when the handset will actually be available. Recent rumors have suggested a potential date of September 27.


Otherwise, just in case anyone needed any reminder about the Galaxy Note III announcement date, the folks at Spigen have recently published a reminder. That reminder has a rendered image along with text that makes it all pretty clear by stating that the “Galaxy Note III will be announced on Sept 4th.” As for that event, we will be live on-site in Berlin to bring the latest news on September 4 and through IFA.

VIA: LaptopMag, phoneArena

  • Techngro

    After the debacle with T-Mobile’s release of the first Note, they were pretty good about getting the Note II out the same time as the other carriers. And given the success of that phone, I find it very hard to believe that T-mobile would be anything other than absolutely on the ball when it comes to getting the Note III in stores as soon as possible.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Don’t worry Tmobile and At@t will be the first to release the Galaxy Note 3. Sprint then Verizon will follow.

      • squiddy20

        And yet, T-Mobile is the one carrier not listed as having a Note 3 in this tip-off. What a delusional fanboy.

      • Techngro

        No. This phone has so much hype around it, and so much genuine anticipation. There’s no way that T-Mobile would not get on it as soon as possible. They want to make money, and there’s no benefit to them withholding the device.

        With the first Note, I don’t think anyone knew how popular it would be, and that’s why they muffed that release. like I said, they learned their lesson and were on the ball when the Note II came out.

        It will be the same for the Note II.

  • USA1

    no Note 3 = no carrier!