Coming by way of a recent OnDevice Research survey, it looks like the Galaxy Note II has bested the iPhone 5 in terms of user satisfaction. And while it is interesting to see the phone that may complain about being big and clunky top the iPhone, we should point out that the fact that it was a close victory. If that wasn’t enough for Android fans though, the Galaxy Note II was in fourth with the iPhone 5 in fifth, which really just goes to show that there are still three other devices to discuss.

Yes, they are all Android devices. The top 5 actually went as follows; Motorola Atrix HD, Motorola Droid RAZR M, HTC Rezound 4G, Samsung Galaxy Note II and Apple iPhone 5. As you can see from the graphic below, the Galaxy Note II had 8.26 with the iPhone 5 having 8.23. Like we mentioned earlier, a close victory for the Note II. This survey included 93,825 users from the US, however the US was just one of five countries that were surveyed.


The complete survey actually took data from 320,000 users spread across six countries including the UK, France, Germany, Japan and Indonesia. Just to be fair and look at data outside the US market, the UK had the HTC One X in the top position and followed by the iPhone 5, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III Mini and Galaxy S III taking spots two through five respectively. This being the case, the iPhone topped the Note II. The interesting part in the UK, the Galaxy S III Mini topped the Galaxy S III. The UK specific data accounted for information from 52,140 users.


While there could be various theories for the way each phone ranks, OnDevice has suggested two factors that may have played a role — 4G availability and pricing. Otherwise, looking back to the US portion of the survey, those same 93,825 users were asked about manufacturer satisfaction and things looked a bit different. In this case Apple took top honors with 7.72 percent and was closely followed by Google and Motorola with 7.68 and 7.49 respectively. The interesting part here, while the Galaxy Note II scored well in terms of device satisfaction, Samsung was ranked in 13th with 6.15 percent.

[via The Next Web]

  • Americans are always going to put their beloved iPhone top because for some reason they feel Apple contributes to their economy.. Truth is, they don’t. They outsource everything to China and try to dodge the American tax system to gain larger profits for their shareholders.. Quite funny as an observer from the outside. Apple across Europe and the rest of the world really isn’t a big deal at all and these statistics just prove that point.

    • Err0xx

      You did notice the iphone 5 did worse in the US than the UK? That alone destroys your point. Mosy Americans DONT have a high opinion of Apple anymore. Myself being one of them ans owning Android everything. Dont fall into American worldwide stereotypes- they are usually wrong.

      • Guest

        Well spoken minus the misspellings which could contribute to the other world wide stereotype that Americans are generally dumber than the rest of the world 😉 only picking of course.

  • Cliffy44

    I got tired of waiting for Jelly Bean for my SGS3; so, I went out and got a Note 2.