The wait might soon be over for owners of last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note II. This latest leaked info places the much-awaited Android 4.3 update for the S Pen-powered phablet in the hands of Samsung’s service centers, suggesting that an over-the-air rollout will be happening quite soon.

In what is probably a somewhat unusual, but totally welcome, move, Samsung has promised to update some of its devices to Android 4.3, including two of last year’s models. This was done not really as a show of support for these older devices but as a sort of damage control about complaints regarding the newly launched Galaxy Gear smartwatch’s dearth of compatible devices. As such, these eight devices, along with the Galaxy Note 3, will be usable with the smartwatch once the Android 4.3 update hits them.

Some of these devices, particularly the Galaxy S 4 and the Galaxy S III, have received the update in different markets, and some even have leaked test builds available for those who can’t wait. Now it seems that the Galaxy Note II’s turn will be coming up soon. Insider information has revealed that the update, with build number N7100XXUEMJ9, is now available in Samsung’s service centers in preparation for rolling out to devices via OTA.

The changelog for this update is still unknown, but it is expected to contain enhancements in both S Pen and multi-window functionality aside from the Android version bump. Whether or not the update includes features that have so far been exclusive to the Galaxy Note 3, such as Air Command, will be confirmed once the update start hitting owners, which we hope will take place in a few days.

VIA: SamMobile

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  • PiquePique

    great news, hope it fixes the landscape issue when used with a smart dock:

    • Christopher Robert

      You can fix this by picking a different launcher. If you use for instance HOLO launcher HD, you can set it up to use landscape mode always in the settings. Then when you un-dock it you can go back into the launcher setting and change it back to portrait.

      • PiquePique

        Thanks very much Christopher…will do just that! Very helpful!

  • warcaster

    What’s “unusual” about a device that’s only a year old getting an upgrade? You do realize iPhones get updates for 3 full years, right? This is why Android users can’t get nice things – because even the community itself has gotten used to the idea of receiving one or two updates at most. Until the community asks for more, that won’t change.

    • Christopher Robert

      “The Community” hacks and upgrades their own phones. If you own an Android and still wait around for carrier updates you deserve to have an iPhone.

  • Eswar Ps

    Hi All,

    I have updated my Note 2 with 4.3. But now the multi-window option is not available…it greyed out and not able to use it…does any 1 have any idea about it.

  • PiquePique

    So I have heard some really bad things about this 4.3 roll out to the Note 2. Is it true that the batteries drain quickly after the update and lack of wifi connectivity?

    • jimmymacc

      Updated over the Air 2 days ago now no wifi…What a crock of Shi* this new Build