Samsung Galaxy Note headed for Canada in February

January 18, 2012

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While we're still in the dark on exactly when the Samsung Galaxy Note will make to AT&T in the United States, citizens of the Great White North can take some small comfort in the knowledge that the plus-sized phone will arrive sometime in February. Samsung broke the news themselves via a sign-up page to drum up interest for the phone's forthcoming release on Canadian carrier Telus. The date listed in the clock widget on the Galaxy Note's screen is February 23rd - take that for what it's worth.

Canadians have been waiting for the Galaxy Note just as long as their neighbors have, and both have shot envious glances across the Atlantic where Europeans have been enjoying their Phablets for months. Feel free to skip the next few sentences if you've heard this one before: the Note has an enormous 5.3-inch, 1280x720 Super AMOLED screen, a 1.4Ghz dual-core processor, a full gig of RAM, 8MP camera, 2500mAh battery and an S-Pen stylus that slides into the phone's body. The version on Samsung's sign-up page uses the four navigation buttons shown off in AT&T's presentation, though you'll notice that the reflection uses the international configuration. Tsk, tsk, Samsung - though we'll forgive the Photoshop blunder since they're showing our own photo in the news widget.

Once the phone launches on Telus, expect it to reach rivals Rogers and Bell soon thereafter - Canada doesn't have a lot of exclusive phones floating around. AT&T still doesn't have any word on an official release date, though given their previous announcement cycles, we'd guess that anything before summer is fair game. C'mon, Ma Bell, don't keep us waiting - Verizon's "Galaxy Journal" version can't be far behind.

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  • Tortotad

    For the love of God, just release this phone already.

  • Me

    seriously please.  I am seeing conflicting info on the 16 or 32gb internal memory.  Anybody know if they are releasing two versions?  What do you think the rogers/bell 3yr contract price will be?

  • Yep

    This should be out just in time for thousands of people to ponder why they should buy this when the GS3 will be out in a few months.  The cell phone market seems to really cater to two distinct markets, some times opposing and sometimes combining to make one larger group – people with money to waste and people with time to waste.

  • DTZ

    debating between galaxy note n iphone 5.. since, look like, their release date so close between each other

  • SGNote

    hmm i guess the author didn’t want to include this assumption either because it has nothing to do with Canada or it might be misleading. I think that since the picture shows 2/23 on the screen and its coming to Canada on that day, its cool to assume that since the first picture of AT&T’s version of the Note said 2/14 on the screen, the US may see this phone around that date or maybe even before Canada