When Samsung announced their new Galaxy Note 8.0 back a few days ago, we only received a brief moment of hands-on time with the new tablet. Today however while roaming the Mobile World Congress halls we couldn’t help but stop by for a second look and to run some benchmarks. We wanted to see what this 8-inch tablet that also doubles as a phone could do with that quad-core processor under the hood.

The Note 8.0 rocks a 1280 x 800 resolution display, Samsung’s 1.6 GHz quad-core Cortex-A9 processor with 2GB of RAM, and of course Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean should help things out too. Just as we expected, it scored quite well in benchmarks. While it didn’t top some smartphones with the new Qualcomm 600 series, it holds its own rather well.

In Quadrant as shown above, the Note 8.0 scored 6,848 overall, with a CPU score of 14,608, memory score of 5,386, I/O of 11,035, and 2D/3D of 1,000/2,211. Compared to the slower 1.4 GHz Note 10.1 we saw a pretty big increase in performance. Don’t forget this little slate also sports HSPA+ speeds for making phone calls with it as an oversized phone.


Then just for kicks we also ran SunSpider to test browser performance. The new Note 8.0 completed the test in 1,021.7ms, and for those who know Sunspider lower is better. As a comparison the iPad mini took 1,600 ms or so. Giving the Note 8.0 a clear lead by nearly 1/4 the time.

Obviously benchmarks only tell a part of the story, and we’ll need more hands-on time with the tablet to give a full impression. However our hands-on posted below was a seamless experience and each time we’ve handled the tablet it’s smooth as butter. Stay tuned for more coverage from MWC and we’ll be reviewing the Note 8.0 as soon as possible.

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  • Luisito Mercado

    HTC One does double on benchmarks ^_^

  • fsadfas fasdfasdfa

    nothing special

  • Magnus100

    Very nice tablet, but pretty much the same as my Note 10.1. I’ll be skipping it.
    Here’s what I want from Samsung that will make me throw my hard earned cash at them.

    1. 1080P screen
    2. Exynos 5 octa processor or better
    3. 128gb internal storage
    4. Very thin and light
    5. Much better battery life – at least 24 hours of continuous use
    6. Much better front and back facing camera
    7. Much expanded Note function and even better S pen
    8. Better sound quality

    • Luka Tomašević

      yeah…good luck on that

    • Alan

      I’ll have what you’re smoking… some of these are mutually exclusive.
      1) I agree this should really have been true 1080P
      2) , more processors are really not needed, lets not pay for something we really don’t need….
      3)extra internal storage..meh….
      4)I think they have to ditch that bezel, but lighter and thinner, are just like more CPUs its just a competition for the sake of it.
      5) Battery life… more pixels, cpus etc probably would make battery life less.. do you use your tablet for 24 hours continuously…thats a ridiculous request IMHO
      6) Cameras should be better, but not neccessarily more MPs, a rear facing camera on a tablet is awkward to use and position, especially in landscape mode
      7) I think they’re doing really well here, its already a leading edge function, but making it better would be nice too
      8) sound is a personal taste. I either listen on headphones or over my bluetooth speakers… perhaps thats not the norm, but I’ve never bought a tablet (I’ve had 4) for the sound quality.