Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 ad highlights all the features at once

June 5, 2013

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Samsung isn't slowing down with the commercials and ad spots for their products, and in fact, it looks like they've learned that showcasing and highlighting features is the best route. Instead of making fun of the competition (which can be funny) their latest set of commercials shows all the features that daily users can enjoy, and this latest Galaxy Note 8.0 video is a prime example.

If you want to know nearly everything about the Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet and what it can do, aside from reading our Note 8.0 Review, this video will explain most of it. Samsung does a pretty excellent job here highlighting everything that makes their slate useful, nice, yet different from the competition.

To be honest the commercial actually makes me want the Galaxy Note 8.0, and most ad spots never really do that for me. From showing off the Airview features, S-Pen stylus support (even on capacitive buttons) the great all-day battery life, taking notes at work, and even enjoying a few books on the train. They cover it all here. Take a peek yourself.

[youtube OhO2DlbSHhQ]

From multi-screen mode with true multitasking and more this video really does touch on many of the key aspects that makes the Note 8.0 different from most slates. Yes it still has Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, but it does much more too. He even uses the Galaxy Note 8.0 and the rear 5 megapixel camera to snap some photos, although it just looks weird holding up a tablet to take a photo. Ending the video off with a casual meet up with his pretty lady friend for a date.

Samsung understands it isn't just about knocking the competition anymore, since they are at the top. Instead they're showing us all the benefits of their devices, and what they can do for us, the consumer. Anyone more inclined to buy the Note 8.0 after seeing that?

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  • Red Colored Glasses

    Still too expensive for an 7-8 inch tablet. Nexus 7 still king IMO.

    • Grinch

      Owning both, I’d disagree with that assessment. Though, I also disagree with the author’s opinion that it was a good commercial. So, maybe I’m just the disagreeable sort.

      • Sarrah Chillx

        Which one do you prefer nexus 7 or note 8.0

    • Daniel Guzman

      I disagree. Yes, the Note 8.0 is expensive for the size but I have owned a Nexus 7 and the Note 8.0 is a winner. I don’t mind paying the extra $200

  • reznorfan0

    I have the 8 and love it. With the note 2 as my phone, my tab 7.0 plus didn’t seem like a big enough of a jump to have both the tablet and the phone. Now there is definitely a discernible difference, it’s big enough now to be usable for the note-taking and drawing apps, photo editing, and I use it as my primary media device (with a 64gb sd card), and it’s not so big that it is clumsy, heavy, and cumbersome like the 10″ tabs are.

    That being said, the highlight video above is a little misleading, this guy either ALWAYS had a wifi connection, or he has the 3G version, witch to my understanding isn’t available in the states…

  • Joe

    Obviously it’s the 3g version, it has the speaker at the top, also it runs 4.1.2 not 4.2.2

  • Spooky Jinx

    Got the Note 8.0 a week ago. Great tablet. Only regret is that they did not give the option to load all apps on the multi tray for S-pen. So I had to root my tablet and now I have the apps I want on multi tray. All in all a very good tablet, with the perfect size and power under the hood – 2GB RAM. And one of the greatest advantages of Android as opposed to IOS is that I am not bound by the stupid iTunes, having to convert every video and clip! Glad I switched over to Android.

    • Noel

      is it a tablet or a note?

    • Sarrah Chillx

      Other than android-iOS battle. which one is better in performance and screen resolution?

  • Noel

    I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 tab and change to Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, my i-clickr program can’t seem to be installed, aren’t they the same?
    Anyone, please can you assist me.