Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 3 at an event earlier in the month. The handset saw plenty of rumors in the lead up to that announcement, and as Samsung and the carriers were pretty forthcoming in terms of specs and release details — those rumors had come to an end. But it looks like they have kicked-off once again. The rumors are touching back on a Galaxy Note 3 with flexible display.

This was an item that had been rumored in the lead up to the official announcement, but as we learned, that was not something that was announced. Well, it now looks like rumors are suggesting that Samsung will be releasing another variant of the Galaxy Note 3 in October and this time around it will have the flexible display technology.

Anyway, as we often find with rumors, the details are on the light side at this time. Basically, what we are seeing is coming out of Korea and suggesting that Samsung will be releasing a Galaxy Note 3 with a flexible OLED as early as October. Further details suggest the handset will only be produced in limited quantities though.

There was no mention of other specs with talk of the flexible display model, however with a handset that is expected to debut next month — the rumors should be ending soon enough. Similar to the limited quantities, we would expect this variant of the Note 3 to also be available in limited markets. With that, we still have a few weeks before this handset is rumored to be announced, which really just means that more rumors are likely.

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SOURCE: chosun

  • bob

    Does anyone believe this crap? Samsung just launch one phone and then just when loyal customers buy it, they start selling a better version. Might as well put OIS on the camera and include all the other unfounded rumours.

  • Charles Sweeney

    Awweee shit, here we go with the FD rumors again….lol. I sure hope no one is expecting this mess to happen anytime soon.

  • Charles Sweeney

    Oh and one more point and I’m done, I promise, but isn’t it funny that we rag on Apple for their ‘innovation’ yet when they announce a device it’s in the hands of consumers less than 2 weeks later? Not an Apple fan by far but I’m so jealous of their device launches.

    • TophBoogie

      But seriously, if Samsung had just announced the device today it would be 10 days until in the hands of consumers. Samsung announced it at IFA because it was IFA. They could have just announced it at some campus today just to appease you and me and cut down on the wait, but that does nothing for them and they miss using IFA as a grand stage.

      • Hmmm

        No…I am too lazy to google but didn’t Apple announced it at their annual event too? It doesn’t matter what date they choose to announce. Instead they should have known they are going to announce at the IFA and plan beforehand so that it rolls out 10 days or watever after IFA. It’s not like we didn’t know note 3 is being announced a couple months beforehand.

      • Johng

        Apple doesn’t discuss new specific iPhone devices at annual event. Product is announced before the release, usually within days-weeks. It’s honestly not that big a deal. AND everyone knows when iPhone cycles usually run as well.

  • What would be the benefit of a flexible display on a Note 3? I am not getting it? And why would they skip their smart watch, where it would have made more sense?

    • Christopher Robert

      The screen will curve around one side of the device. Its not actually a screen you can bend, but it is flexible in production. The point of the screen being visible form the edge of the device is that you can use the flip cover and not have to open it ti read text messages or notifications. At least this is what i have heard.

    • michael sanchez

      Chill its just a rumor and i dont think anybody cares if you get one or not

      • Brian Ward

        Ironically, it is you who needs to chill. I said that i don’t get it, meaning I don’t understand. Not that I wasn’t getting one. I think you may be a little uptight.

  • Reed

    Skeptical of this, and skeptical of the idea of flexible phones. there is no point for a bendy twisty phone, and i can see it getting annoying pretty quick.

    • Alex

      The phone itself isn’t flexible. It’s simply the screen imagine the screen on your current phone being able to bend not a lot but with that flexibility it is less likely to shatter if you drop it then glass is.

      • Guest


      • iPhart

        S-Pen doesn’t heed flexible display. It needs hard non-scratchable display.

      • Rob

        Nah man, you’re missing the point… The display would still be underneath a rigid glass digitizer… It could be a pre-shaped piece of glass that has one skinny edge slightly curve towards the back of the phone for notifications.

        The hard glass digitizer could still break, but much cheaper fix than an AMOLED or LCD screen fused to a digitizer.

    • TAUSMC

      The Flexible OLED screens aren’t so the phone can bend and twist. You need other things like the processor and other internals to flex in order to do that. The Flexible OLED screen is so the screen will not break when the phone is dropped. That is why they call the Flexible OLED screens an unbreakable screen. They also shown some prototype phones where the back of the phone opens up to make a 10 inch screen (a true phablet). Just look up Flexible OLED on YouTube.

  • iPhart

    S-Pen doesn’t heed flexible display. It needs hard non-scratchable display.

    • Rob

      You don’t write directly on displays anyway.

      There’s a GLASS DIGITIZER that sits on top of LCD, AMOLED, and upcoming flexible Displays.

      The flexible display would be immovable, but could be contorted by the manufacturers for a slight curve for notifications, etc