Samsung Galaxy Note 3 tipped to arrive with 8 core CPU and 8 core GPU

May 1, 2013

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The Galaxy Note 3 rumors appear to be heating up once again. Yesterday brought what was originally thought to be an in-the-wild style image of the handset. Unfortunately, that device was later proven to be a Galaxy Note clone. Perhaps nicer though, earlier this morning brought mention of Samsung having three separate prototypes in testing. We haven't seen much more than the basics on that, however it is now looking like the Galaxy Note 3 is going to be a real powerhouse.

Coming by way of yet another Galaxy Note 3 leak, it is looking like the phablet will be launching with an 8-core CPU and an 8-core GPU. Specifically, the leak is calling for the device to have an Exynos 5 Octa-Core processor and a Mali 450 GPU. Previous reports have said the processor will be clocked at 2.0GHz on four cores and at 1.2GHz on the other 4 cores.

The Note 3 should launch with the latest version of Android, which still seems to depend on what may be announced during Google I/O. That release has previously been thought of as Android 5.0, however now it is looking more like it will be Android 4.3. Shifting back to the hardware though, other still rumored specs for the Note 3 include 3GB of RAM, a 13 megapixel rear-facing camera and a 5.99-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display.

Officially Samsung has been quiet in terms of the Note 3. We hope that will change soon, however rumors suggest Samsung will not be unveiling the Note 3 until IFA, which is set to take place in September. While the Galaxy Note has been proven to be a success in the past, we also realize that given the size -- it is not a device for everyone. With that in mind, would anyone be convinced to check this out based solely on this latest CPU and GPU leak?

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  • Brian Parkerson

    You had me at Note 3! Yes, I’m buying even if it is nothing more than a Note 2 with 1080P display. I have had an upgrade available since Dec 2012 and put off the Note 2 for the possibility of the S4. I’m on Verizon so the HTC One is not an option (yet). The S4 didn’t do it for me so I’m going back to my orginal plans which is best because the Note series is a much better fit for me and my lifestyle.

  • ikokkinos

    I’d be happy with a 5.5 inch screen, not sure how much bigger the 5.99 will make the actual phone, hopefully it’s the same chassis as the note 2

  • Plazmic Flame

    I’m particularly interested in the Note 3 because I want to see what they do in terms of design. According to their pattern, the Note 3 should be a redesign to be outer look this year.

  • dany

    why make a phone like this one more powerful than the recent released Note 8? why, for crying madness out loud!!!!

  • Babs Oyed

    What I want most is adequate internal storage, at least 64gb option on day one.

  • Why does everyone insist on 3Gb of RAM? Samsung has pretty well perfected & is ramping up production on their low power DDR3 4GB ram modules. I think you will find this to be the first device to utilize the new 20nm memory.