Samsung has just started rolling out an update to the international variant of its latest pen-enabled phablet. The Galaxy Note 3 will be receiving a rather large over-the-air update that focuses on fixing a number of glaring problems that the smartphone had since it launched last month.

The biggest change introduced by the update is related to a new reactivation lock security feature introduced with the Galaxy Note 3. When the lock is enabled, users will be required to enter their Samsung account information after the device has undergone factory reset, which may surprise and confuse users. With the update, the feature is now disable by default and has to be explicitly turned on under the Security settings should the owner wish to do so.

The update also brings in some fixes that will make the smartphone more usable with the Pebble smartwatch. Previously, because Pebble used Android’s accessibility features, many of Samsung’s own TouchWiz features are automatically turned off when connecting with Pebble. The problem is that these are not automatically re-enabled, forcing users to hunt down individual settings for features such as Air gestures, Multi window, or even Direct pen input. Now the Galaxy Note 3 will automatically reactivate these features.

This latest update is, however, available only for the international unlocked version of the Galaxy Note 3, with the model number SM-N9005. The update is quite large at 116 MB and is delivered via OTA only, so make sure you have a decent connection when you start the update process.

VIA: Android Central

  • Dr Nubhash Narang

    one query please : is there any dual sim variant of galaxy note 3 ?
    wat about galaxy note 3 N 9002

  • Chris

    Nothing here yet… The Netherlands

  • Zeus

    Will it have air gesture

  • macd

    Nothing here yet in the Philippines 🙁

  • GreenDayIdiot

    Nothing in Australia yet…

  • Ian Hare

    Nothing yet in the U.K. Mine suffers with the boot loop issue so I just leave it on until the update!

    • Sperafucile

      I have just bought my new Note 3 and have exactly the same problem! I shall do the same as you but do you think keeping the device on all the time until the firmware update us released will have any a verse effects on the phone?

      • Ian Hare

        Hello, once that option is left unchecked in WiFi advanced settings you can turn it off or restart with no problems mine is working fine now!

  • Tommy Bayshore

    Got it with Verizon USA today…