Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 comes with 50GB Dropbox storage free for 2 years

August 15, 2012

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If you're one that always needs additional storage for your smartphones and tablets then Dropbox and Samsung have you covered. Just like a few others, including Samsung with their Galaxy S III launch you'll get tons of free cloud storage with your purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.

Earlier this afternoon Samsung officially outed their new Galaxy Note 10.1, and that it will be available nationwide starting tomorrow, August 16th, starting at $499. Deep down in their press release they were nice enough to include some small details regarding their Dropbox promotion.

For the many that haven't been following Dropbox and Samsung smartphones, they've partnered to offer free cloud storage for pictures, videos, documents and more all for Samsung customers. This bonus was present on the Galaxy S III, but sadly Verizon and AT&T chose not to participate. Luckily Samsung is back and everyone who purchases the brand new Galaxy Note 10.1 will get 50GB of Dropbox cloud storage completely free for 2 years. That's a $100 value for free.

For more information on the Galaxy Note 10.1 you'll surely want to check out our in-depth full Note 10.1 Review. Dropbox has offered similar storage limits with the folks from HTC too, but Samsung appears to be getting the bulk of the treatment as of late. Dropbox should come pre-installed, and once you sign up you'll have 50GB to use as you please.

Who's picking up the new Note 10.1 tomorrow?

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  • Paulus Net

    OK! I am the only one hating those “storage free for 2 years” things 🙂

  • Paulus Net

    OK! I am the only one hating those “storage free for 2 years” things 🙂

    • why do you hate it.. Great for those who use Dropbox and if you don’t, just uninstall it.

    • why do you hate it.. Great for those who use Dropbox and if you don’t, just uninstall it.

      • WhatDoEyeKno

        I use DropBox a lot, so for me it feels like it lowers the cost of the tablet by approximately $100. I’m okay with you hating it, tho; perhaps the equivalent ($100) towards an app store would be nice as an alternative.

      • Emily

        once the 2 yr is up….. what happens to what you have in the dropbox and u don’t want o pay for the fee? can u save it somewhere else?

      • dropbox hater

        I dont want it, I tried to uninstall it. It cannot be uninstalled.

  • Intocad

    I tried to buy a white 64GB galaxy note 10.1…… But they were already sold out at phoenix stores.

    • WhatDoEyeKno

      I believe we can only buy 16GB and 32GB Wi-Fi versions right now. (Perhaps that will change when the rumored 3G & LTE models are released?). Obviously, with a 32GB SD Card you can expand memory up to 48GB, or 64GB, respectively–maybe that’s the sales pitch for a 64GB model. One question is, why do some reviews make it sound like you can add up to a 64GB SD Card, while on Samsung’s USA site it states that memory expansion is possible up to 32GB? 32GB makes sense, because I think SDHC cards max-out at 32GB (please correct me if this is untrue): or does this tablet support SDXC Cards? In addition, some retailer’s sites list the 32GB model as only having 1GB of RAM–adding even more confusion. Yes, I do want one. In the meantime, I’d like some clarity about the actual tech-specs.

  • jo

    why does my samsung not open dropbox files when not on wi-fi?