Oh boy, now we have what appears to be an updated version of the awesome render we saw last week of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Nexus, or Nexus Prime, whatever you'd like to call it. Using the image from the Samsung CTIA teaser video and making it unique with all the information from recent Samsung Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich leaks.

The render last week looked great -- you take all the details from the latest leaked Nexus video, mixed with the screenshot gallery showing off Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, you get the image pictured above. Clearly this person has a love for Android and is just as excited about the new Nexus device as we all are, his renders are beautifully well crafted and this time around it seems pretty accurate.

Earlier we covered some details regarding screen size, and why it has been increased to 4.65", most likely to save the usual space for the on-screen experience while using the extra bit for the on-screen buttons coming with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Everything is still up in the air and speculation at this point. Hopefully the Samsung Unpacked Google Episode gets a new date so we can officially hear the details right from the source, because all these leaks are starting to get old (not really).

[via Tumblr]

  • Newport James

    That new one is the real thing, went to carphone warehouse, asked if they had anything on the new Nexas, sales guy looked it up and there it was on his screen as the I9250 whe didnt have a release date

  • Theonewhoknows

    too bad this is wrong too. That is the samsung TW skin for ICS.

  • Brian Worhatch

    Why wouldnt the screen go closer to bottom/top edge of the phone?? I think its wasted space and could have bigger screen without making the phone bigger. I hope its how Samsung did it.

  • Anonymous

    The picture on the right is vanilla ICS for Verizon (Dev Phone) . The picture on the left is ICS with samsung touchwi. This will be going globally and other US carriers.

  • T.Shaw

    Samsung needs to get this into the consumers hands now. I am starting to lose interest.