It’s almost cruel running this story, but news is news. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has already begun shipment to a few Verizon and RadioShack stores – and there’s a picture to prove it. The bad news is – we’re not getting one. Another leaked email states retailers must not under any circumstances sell these units unless they receive word from corporate.

It’s really starting to look like December 14th as the final launch date, but lets not kid ourselves – we still haven’t a clue. Yet, we have come away with some very important information from all this. One, we know the device exists – and two, we know precisely where it is! The fact may be that Verizon didn’t want to launch three superior phones in such a short timespan. The Motorola DROID RAZR and HTC Rezound are amazing devices, and they may just want our Galaxy Nexus to shine on the pedestal it rightfully deserves. However, there’s no excuse for the lack of advertising and absence of information.

We shouldn’t have to piece together info for months that could easily be conveyed to the public in a matter of seconds. To give you a rundown, this is how crazy it has actually become (and just from the month of December): On the 1st we saw an internal Best Buy flyer for a possible December 11th release date. Next, on the 3rd it was rumored we may see the Nexus December 17th. On the 5th it was confirmed for December 9th through an internal leaked email, and later that day we saw phones arriving in Best Buy stores. The 6th, more internal documents had confirmed the December 9th launch – and the the very next day we’re told it’s going to be a no-show. And alas, here we are. With the Galaxy Nexus in stock, and no way to buy it.

[via Phandroid]

  • Fucking Verizon FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK !#@%$@^!^

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Verizon. I’m buying an UNLOCKED one.

    • Sam Koutroulakis

      At this point I don’t blame you! 

  • Robert

    Why are the prices conveniently cut off? I really wanted this phone. Guess its ip4s now… Ughhh

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it will be like the Nexus one and they will back out and not sell it again stupid VZW

  • Matt

    I just dont care anymore. They should call this thing the Verizon Galaxy Apathy.

  • Demitri99

    seriously this is BEYOND stupid now.  pavlovs dog testing us to see us drool.  ya know, this is how we get treated for paying some of the most outrageous prices.  corporate america is disgustingly greedy and treat us like mushrooms.  maybe a cellular revolution is needed.  verizon loses my business.  DONE!

    • Anonymous

      have you SEEN the galaxy nexus?  it’s like, omgverizontakemymoney!

  • Mike

    As disappointing as all this really is… considering that they’ve never said an exact release date yet even once… I am failing to see why people are still getting so up in arms over VZ pushing back an unannounced release date, it’s kinda ridiculous.

    • during the launch event in Hong Kong, Samsung said the phone would arrive to US in November!

      The worst part is the absolute silence from Verizon.  I think thats what frustrates me more

  • guest

    Glad I’m not apart of the gotta have it now generation, I’m excited for this phone but can’t imagine getting ridiculously upset over delayed release date.

    • Ventoris

      I’m in the “gotta have it now” boat because I don’t have a phone.  The charging port on my EVO broke 2 months ago and I had the choice of paying $125 for a refurbed EVO or waiting for the GN.  I willing to wait 3 weeks for it — I’m not so sure now.

      I’m pissed because I’m an IDIOT for holding my breath for 2 months.  I think everyone else is upset because the rest of the world has it, yet we don’t have so much as an answer as to why we don’t.If you have the luxury of waiting, then why aren’t you waiting for the GSIII?

      • No

        To kidding.  My Motorola Droid is on its last leg, with serious time lags for most tasks.  I really need to upgrade–and am waiting for this phone.  For crying out loud, you created an e-mail list to keep those of us interested updated on the release.  USE IT.

      • No

        No kidding that is.

  • Danny J

    seems they r having problems with their 4g network

  • Egeferentino9

    I think it will be available in the 15th being its on a Thursday. The 14th is on a Wednesday.

  • Fates0unds

    Theres a very simple solution to this… verizon lacks the respect of their customers to keep them informed for months …. dont give them your money. I urge everyone waiting … go to radioshack, bestbuy, or costco.

    • Annoyed Verizon Customer

      I agree with you about Verizon’s lack of respect for their customers.  However, Verizon Wireless will still make money on the phones and the plans no matter where you buy them (unless of course you import an unlocked GSM model).

  • Annoyed Verizon Customer

    On one hand I don’t want to believe this because every other leak so far has let us down.  On the other hand, I wouldn’t put it past Verizon to ship a highly anticipated phone and then keep their customers waiting for no apparent reason.  Phones sitting on the shelves, “but don’t sell them yet?”  What a crock of shite!  I swear, my bruised and battered OG Droid let out a sigh when I read this.

    Verizon is unable to explain the botched release to their customers… only that it will be out “by the end of the year.”  Slap in the face!  Verizon’s 4G network and being grandfathered into unlimited data are the only things keeping me from jumping ship right now.  It doesn’t have to be this way, Verizon.

    • Sam

      Those screenshots are most definitely from a RadioShack – I used to work there. Direct2U is a Radioshack program.

      • Annoyed Verizon Customer

        I’m sure it is a legit Radio Shack system.  I also believed the all-but-confirmed December 9th release date that accompanied a photo of a Verizon Wireless employee holding an opened Galaxy Nexus box in front of a stack of unopened boxes on the store shelf.  Here we are on the 9th and no GNex.

        My point is that it seems to me Verizon isn’t just ambivalent about this release; they are flat out toying with those of us waiting on this phone.

  • No1roushfan

    So what will be the next big phone after the Nexus Galaxy,
    it is obsolete before launch or will be dead on arrival, got to be something coming
    out first of the yr.

  • Mr. Moore

    Droid Bionic announced early 2011 and eventually released in September, just before the RAZR and Rezound release.  Fail.

    Galaxy Nexus revealed in October.  UK receives phone mid-November.  Japan and Canada follow shortly.  Somalia might see this phone before Verizon releases in the US.  Fail.

    Verizon, ever hear of Moore’s Law?

    HTC is supposedly revealing a quad core phone at CES in early 2012.  If Verizon has anything to do with it, the phone might get released by the end of 2015.

    IMO, Verizon has the best 4G (and even 3G) network by a mile, but their phone releases (or non-releases, in this case) has left a lot to be desired.

    • VerizonMustDie

      Mr. Moore – 2015 is not a practical date. Since the end of humanity will occur next December I figure VZW has less than a year to release it. We’ll never know for sure why the delay – I only hope we’ll know when the delay is over.  

  • toph

    I just came from the local Verizon Store and yes they have it in stock… but its not for sale and he doesn’t know when they will be able to sell them!  The doughboy behind the counter proceeded to talk crap about it, said he has been playing with it all morning and that its not a good phone. He said the Iphone 4S is way better of a phone and he doesn’t understand why this phone is getting all this hype. Ha. I just laughed and walked out.

  • CDog

    Yesterday “Dec. 8th” was my birthday.  a couple weeks ago I thought it was going to be the best birthday every because the Nexus was coming out.  I’ve been up for an upgrade since Sept 1st and planned on getting the Bionic.  Then I heard about the Rezound and the 1.5 dual core tempted me. then hi heard about the Nexus. So once again I waited.  My OG droid running ICS theme is doing alright but the battery needs replaced and I don’t want to pay to replace it.  With all these delays and the rumors of quad core I may tell VZ to eat shit.  I almost freaked on the guy at best buy for no fault of his but just my lack of respect of VZ.  I’m tempted to get the Rezound now but still want to wait for the Nexus. I’m beyond pissed but nobody else can give close to the coverage in my area as verizon but I would love to go to sprint for half the price. Fuck Verizon and the iphone…just had to throw that in there…

  • Paul

    I went on their website and talked to customer support, and they said it’s releasing on the 13th 

    • Paul

      I’m not sure if their customer support is trustworthy, but that’s the date they gave me.

      • How did you live chat with them?

      • Paul

        When you’re on their website a pop up window comes up asking if you want to chat. I was on the smartphone section if that helps.

  • Jcas

    There is no excuse for verizon not sharing ANY information on this release. None… They may think they are creating free hype but look at these posts… they are creating an angry customer base who is just looking for a valid reason to leave “The Network”. They charge a premium for service and direspect thier customers… bad plan. And Google…WTF were u thinking given the vz track record (thunderbolt, bionic etc) of releasing phones.. and you gave them a US exclusive???   Fail, Fail, Fail

    • VerizonMustDie

      For a while it was fun reading everyone’s reaction to the delays in releasing the Galaxy Nexus thingy by Verizon. But now it is old news and practically expected – the delay that is.
      What we should do is quit making any comments about it. Stop calling the Verizon stores. Stop sending verbose emails to Samsung or Verizon or your grandmother. Not one of them cares how we feel nor will they adjust their sales tactics to accommodate us – well, your grandmother might if she was selling the thing.
      Just let it slide off the radar. Better yet, commit to NOT buying it when it comes out. How freakin’ long do you think Verizon and Samsung will take to recover their losses if no one buys the damn thing.
      Let’s hear it for a boycott!!!!!! As Johnny Cochran would have said,
      “If there ain’t no Nexus stop tryin’ to vex us.” or was it
      “The Nexus ain’t it and we don’t give a shit!!!”

  • VerizonMustDie

    Has anyone found a credible resource for the specs on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus? I haven’t been able to get a confirmation on the GB of memory. It has been rumored as 16 and 32 GB models. Please advise.

    Also, I went to a Verizon store in Wake Forest, NC today. Was greeted with a big smile and a “How can I help you?” I looked the young lady in the eyes and said “Go in the back and get me a Galaxy Nexus and I’ll buy it and take it home.” She did not seem amused.

    A few minutes later another sales rep came over and said “I can’t sell you a Galaxy Nexus today but I can let you look at one.” I damn near shit myself. He brought one out and let me play with it a few minutes and even took some photos with the no-lag camera (pretty much true).

    He took my name and said he’d give me a call when they were ready to be sold.

    See Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!!!

    Verizon Still Sucks, but at least one of their employees is cool!

  • GuestyGuest

    This is to the point of being a (damn near) obsolete phone once it is released.
    A few month down the road and quad-core phones will be out, and even if they aren’t, ICS can (already) be ported to other phones with simila/better specs anyway.

    While none of the phones on currently on the market are perfect, there are still some good ones, including the Razr, Reszound and i4s

    The biggest thing keeping most people with VZ is their coverage, if the others had coverage as good, VZ would have far fewer customers.