Starting at 3:01AM EST (12:01 PST) you can grab the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon for $154.99 on a new 2-yr contract. Those of you just looking to upgrade will be priced at $174.99, but seeing as Verizon’s price is $299.99 – this is quite the deal. The phone’s price is set to $224.99 on LetsTalk’s website, but using the promotional code found on their Facebook page, you can instantly save $75.

The promo code is $75VZN and should be applied at checkout. However, when you check out the service plans available at LetsTalk, the only data option available is for 2GB (doubled to 4GB for the holidays). I’m not sure if you’ve ever used Verizon’s LTE before, but it blows through data much faster than your average 3G network. For me, 4GB would get used up halfway through the month.

There’s bound to be more deals over the horizon, but offering one of this magnitude on the devices’ day of release can’t be beaten. Also odd, are the customer reviews over on LetsTalk’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus page. They all point towards reviewing the Casio GZ. They may have just recycled a phone page within their database – but lets hope they don’t fumble with the massive amount of Nexus orders they’re about to receive in 5 hours.

[via DroidLife –Thanks Brian!]

  • I still don’t see it. Anyone?

    • Guest

      Nope, nothing here yet either. WTF?

  • alred

    just checked , and it says unavailable?

    • Sulrock

      just picked one up for 175, at around 0325 hours

  • Grace

    I just ordered mine on upgrade for 174.99 at 6:18 am. I’m excited it’s free overnight shipping so we’ll seeg how soon I get it 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Just placed an order; you CAN get other data plans, including trying (we’ll see if it succeeds) to keep your existing Unlimited plan.

    I don’t recall exactly how I did it, but I did start by connecting to my existing Verizon account (I’m an OG Droid user, more than due for an upgrade). At some point, it’ll present an option for you to edit your choice of plans, and that’s where it gave me multiple options for a new Data plan. Later, I found the option to keep my existing plan, and that’s the one I chose — however, they warn that if the phone is deemed incompatible, they’ll automatically put me on a 4G data plan.

    We’ll see what happens, but keep trying options and links during the process, and you should be able to find a way to choose the Data plan you want.

  • Damn. My account is eligible for an early upgrade, but apparently only supports normal upgrades.

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