For a limited time, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is available over at Daily Steals for only $559.99 + $4.99 shipping. Considering it retails for about $190 more, this is a good 25% off. If you’ve never ventured over to Daily Steals before, they are a “one sale a day” website – so at max you’ll have 24Hrs to order. The Nexus just went on sale, so you still have time to decide whether or not you’re up for dropping that much cash. It’s definitely a tough decision with the Galaxy S III right around the corner.

This is the “unlocked” GSM version, so don’t expect it to work on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. It will however function fine over AT&T or T-Mobile bands. This model is also only 16GB, so those of you looking for a 32GB model may not find this quite the deal you were looking for.

If you live in the US, absolutely have to have a Galaxy Nexus, and really don’t feel like signing up for a contract over at Verizon Wireless – then this could be your chance. Great deals tend to sell out quickly over at Daily Steals, so it may not be available for too long.

[via Daily Steals]

  • xaero

    Just ordered one. $564 is cheap 🙂

  • Enoel69

    I have always wanted the 32GB GSM model but reluctantly went for it bcuz of the price. But if and when Google/Samsung decide to release a 32GB GSM unlocked model i will probably sell it. Also will depend on what the new Galaxy S3 and HTC dual and quad core devices (Ville, Edge, Elite) bring to the table….we shall see

  • WD40

    Boo US only 🙁
    not even Canada

  • I have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II. While it works on all GSM capable carriers in terms of calls, one can only get Edge because of T-Mobile’s frequency differences.  So I’m on Edge until I can move to ATT.

    • FlyBri

      Just so people know though, while that may be true that you can only get Edge on your Galaxy S II, the Galaxy Nexus GSM version doesn’t have the same restriction, as it’ a pentaband phone, and supports HSPA+ on T-Mobile.  So for you this unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus would be a good purchase since you could get HSPA+ and not have to leave T-Mobile…