Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch gets rooted

October 15, 2013

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Samsung has taken some criticism on the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The reviews have been so-so and it seems many are still waiting and hoping to see the watch get a bit more in terms of functionality. We recently saw a hack that allowed the Galaxy Gear to run regular Android apps, and more recently, it looks like the watch has been rooted.

The details of the root are coming by way of the xda-developers forums. User photonicgeek has shared the process, as well as the steps that would be needed to reverse the process. As we often say with these types of situations -- this is something you should do at your own risk. Photonicgeek has the process broken down into just a few steps, which seems to be rather basic.

You need to install some official drivers from Samsung and also grab the Cydia Impactor from Saurik's website. Otherwise, the process involves enabling ADB mode on your Gear and installing those drivers. From here, you can have root access. Of course, what we just listed is a much simpler version of the actual steps. Photonicgeek also mentions that once rooted, the device will still look as it did before.

With that, while root has been achieved, there is still a bit more to the process. After you have root access you will need to install a utility, such as SuperSU or Superuser. That all being said, while the process itself does involve some risk -- your watch and what used to be your $299, there is another side to consider. The other side here is that it seems many are unsure of what to actually do now that the watch has been rooted.

The xda thread is basically in what we would consider discovery mode at the moment. Users seem to be working through the process and taking it to further places. Needless to say, unless you are experienced in rooting and playing with Android, we would likely suggest holding off at the moment. Still, this would be a good thread for Galaxy Gear users to keep an eye on.

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  • darkdelusions

    After talking with the devices this weekend at the Big Android BBQ I would never buy one of these. When I asked if they planned to allow non Samsung Devices to work with the device the response I got from the developers is “Why would we we are Samsung”

    I understand that Samsung has the largest market share in the android community but if they do not allow there smart watch to worth with other devices this device will go no where.

    • I am not sure I could buy one either, and that is coming from someone that is a current (and happy) Samsung user. I just dislike the thought of no longer being able to use the watch should I decide to get a non-Samsung device. Plus, there are some decent alternatives and will likely be more coming.

      • suzidownunder

        You can use it on any phone – see my. Earlier comment!

      • brandon

        after i root my gear would i be able to use it with my blackberry. And any videos or a forum that has proof?

        (i know some functions that gear manager has wont work)

      • NOOR


    • suzidownunder

      It will if you root it.! It’s simple and took me 15 minutes

  • Brittany Utley

    husband got one last night been playing with it ever since, he loves it, actually does alot of cool stuff, i might be getting one now myself for my s4 when it gets it’s update to use it

  • suzidownunder

    I rooted my Galaxy Gear and now love it even more. By tethering it to my phone I can check everything that needs to go on line – FB/twitter/emails etc even swipe my coffee card app without getting out my phone! (more of a hassle for us females believe me) I have a fleksy keyboard and added & synced my calendar. And can make notes very quickly. Camera is now silent which is great for photos out the window of the bus without attracting attention – and the video is now 60 seconds instead of 15!
    I added a calculator and browser plus games and more. You can add nova Launcher if you like but I prefer the original look – Well worth the effort of the 15 minutes it took to root!