As the Samsung family of Galaxy products gets set to see an upgrade to Android 4.3, some alarming news about the Galaxy Gear has come to light. According to a leaked document, a survey included with the Android 4.3 rollout info wants to know why Galaxy Gear devices are being returned.

Right now, this seems to be a fact-finding mission. By leveraging their retail presence inside of Best Buy stores, Samsung probably wants to find how to best educate customers on the Galaxy Gear, and what store employees can do to help make sure customers leave with the understanding of just what the product can do for them.

Notably, Samsung has not released sales figures for the Gear, and this could be an indication as to why that is. Smartwatches are a new frontier for customers, and while the Galaxy Gear is stylish and smart looking, it isn’t a smartwatch. For the price paid, it does relatively little, and even if it ties in with more Samsung devices, that doesn’t quite give it widespread appeal.

What concerns us is the approach moving forward. It seems that Samsung should really concern themselves with making a better device, not trying to figure out how to talk people into keeping this one. Love it or hate it, a 30% return rate can’t be refuted.

  • Phone_Junkie

    Does Best Buy not have these on display so that people could check them out before buying?

    • JG

      They do. And it looks great. However, as Christopher pointed out above, this watch is maybe worth $75 for what it does (or doesn’t) do. $100 max maybe for aesthetics.

  • Christopher Robert

    The watch works as advertised, it’s just totally not worth $300. If it sold for 100 or even 75 it would be huge. That and the fact that 30% of the people buying the watches don’t have Note 3s so it can’t work with their phone anyway and they are just to ignorant to realize this before they buy it.

  • s3 user

    Dumb samsung y bring out a watch befor bringing out there software that runs it ? There is more s3 and note 2 users out there than s4 and note 3 users thay didnt think of that