Now that LG‘s premium QHD G3 smartphone is out, it could only be a matter of time before Samsung follows suit and unveils its own. In the meantime, a pair of photos of what is supposedly the Galaxy F, another name being given to the so-called “Galaxy S5 Prime”, are making rounds in the Internet for everyone to munch on while waiting.

It might not be evident from these photos, but according to the source, the Galaxy F will be visibly and tactilely different from the existing Galaxy S5. For one, the body design is said to be asymmetrical for some unknown reason, with the top being more curved than the bottom. The smartphone also has thinner bezels around the screen And perhaps the most awaited revelation is that Samsung will finally be ditching the plastic and opting for a more premium metal casing, at least for this particular device. That is perhaps most noticeable with the brushed metal rear shown in these photos.


The Galaxy F is, of course, rumored to sport a 5.3-inch display with a resolution of 2560×1440. In all other aspects, it will be quite similar to the Galaxy S5 itself. The CPU in this leaked device is noted to be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 though an 805 is said to be used come production time. Despite that premium nomenclature, the Galaxy F will also be boasting of an IP67 rating, same as the Galaxy S5.


Of course, leaked photos are no assurance of an actual device, much less one that is coming soon. Samsung might very well have such a smartphone in the works as an answer to its rival, but for now it might be a bit busy in preparing the probable unveiling of the AMOLED-toting Galaxy Tab S later this week.

VIA: phoneArena (1), (2)

  • Mike Ennamorato

    Looks like either cheap metal or just fake metal.

  • Karan Patil

    love those bezels

  • ymppa

    Cool, less plastic! But how come this “Prime” thing is still as ugly as any other Samsung phone? I guess there’s no reason to expect the UI to get any better on that front either…

  • zxc

    oh look a G3 clone haha

  • Gamblor77

    I seriously hope that’s not their final design! I’ve been waiting for the S5 Prime for a while now. They really need to change their design language, they have milked it for 3 generations now and it’s time for a change. Milking customers is one area Samsung could stand to not follow suit from Apple.

    If they essentially slap a $3 ebay battery cover on the S5 it’s going to be a slap in the face to consumers. Almost seems like they’re saying”you wanted metal? THERE…you got metal!”.
    But the REAL issue that I don’t think Samsung understands is people don’t specifically want “metal”. They want a sexy design and updated UI. Not just the same UI with slightly flatter icons and a disaster Settings area like the S5 got.
    Unfortunately I don’t think Samsung will get the concept until they start losing sales and it doesn’t seem like that’s happening any time soon.

  • shariq siddiqui

    So what happens to all the chaps who got an S5 thinking it was the flagship premium Samsung smartphone? Dagnabit.

  • Robert Cross

    This or the G3 to replace my much-liked S3? Easy, the G3 looks better (more curves) and reputedly has less “value add” software, and what’s there can (according to reports) be removed. If this “S5 Prime” was more like a shrunken Note 10.1 tablet with minimized bezels and in Google Play edition then I’d be interested. Also bet that this “S5 Prime” has a higher price ticket than the already-costly S5.

    As it stands Mr Samsung, I’m not interested in 100’s of megabytes of stuff that I won’t use (and can’t remove!). And please don’t bother with slab-o-plastic designs either. Heck, buy an HTC One m8 to see how it CAN be done.