Finally, we see Samsung out a handset that packs a premium metal finish – but apart from that we are looking at a spec line that somehow fails to overwhelm, which somehow equates to the relative lack of fanfare building up to the launch of the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy Alpha. The premise itself is interesting – a premium looking phone, with not-so-premium specs. Let’s take a closer look.

The main processor is the Exynos 5 octa-core beast (quad 1.8Ghz + quad 1.3Ghz), which will push pixels to a 720p HD display. Compared to the full HD of the Galaxy S5, this is a step down. The processor is backstopped by 2GB of RAM, and 4K resolution video capture. An update to the launch information says that the Galaxy Alpha will be launched with a Snapdragon 801 quad-core CPU in the US.

The most notable spec on the list is the 1,860mAh battery, a full 1,000mAh less than the Galaxy S5. This means that you would really need the ultra-battery saving mode that is available on the Android 4.4 KitKat TouchWiz UI. And just maybe because of the metal binding around the sides of the new device, Samsung chose to forgo the microSD expansion slot. The Galaxy Alpha comes with 32GB of internal storage.


Does this point to a new design aesthetic to be followed by the Galaxy Note 4? There might be a possibility. The Galaxy Alpha is scheduled to arrive in September in variants of black, white, gold, silver and blue – although there is no word yet on the pricing. Are you impressed? Talk back to us in the comments section.


  • Leonardo Souza

    I like it… beautiful and powerfull… I think that battery will last good as the S5 Mini…

  • Hilko

    when will the phone designers finally understand that I want to be able to use my phone for 2 days without having to charge??? I really hope that Applied Materials hurries up with their new solid batteries with double capacity…

    • R.R.

      easy solution > increase screen size to fit larger batteries!

    • robertkoa

      A few millimeters thicker and we can
      have a 2400-2600 mah Battery and
      SD Card.

      Alpha Pro anyone ? Do you really care if
      Alpha Pro is as thick as S5 ?

      Ultra Thin-over rated IMO.

  • John Hale

    Impressed? Yeah you know what? This article…. okay? Isn’t impressive. “not-so-premium specs” Alright, give me the EXACT meaning of this statement. Can’t? Neither can anyone else. Second off, this “step down” in resolution shouldn’t even been noted in here, they were right to stick with 720p as this device’s display, after doing the S5 in 1080p I’m sure they drawn their conclusion on next and upcoming devices. This phone, the Alpha, as much as we have heard about it you really can’t sling around words like “a spec line that somehow fails to overwhelm” or “Samsung chose to forgo the microSD expansion slot” (Nice typo BTW) No….. no, no they have not merely forgotten it, god forbid chose to forget. Being an article I understand it’s purpose is to shed light on criticism about the device… But c’mon, you’re just shooting fish in a barrel at this point.

    • R.R.

      go without (something desirable).
      “she wanted to forgo the tea and leave while they could”
      synonyms: do without, go without, give up, waive, renounce, surrender, disavow, relinquish, part with, drop, sacrifice, forswear, abjure, swear off, steer clear of, abandon, cede, yield, abstain from, refrain from, eschew, cut out; More
      antonyms: keep
      refrain from.
      “we forgo any comparison between the two men”

      just saying.

  • R.R.

    Is there a term for Samsung whiteknights? like maybe Samsheep?

  • Romdude

    They made this to compete with a similar sized iphone 6 and have the Note 4 as their iphone “killer”. Basically appease the iphone users who might want to switch to a Samsung with a metal phone (no need for micro sd slot since iphone users aren’t used to it) and a smaller size. Why doesn’t this article say what people are thinking or did they not think of this possibility? For android users? Not impressed at all, would rather wait for s6, s5 prime, htc m9, moto x+1, mogo g2 or nexus 6, at the moment if I had to get one I would get a g3.

  • flosserelli

    Samsung is trying to look even more like iphone, while Apple (iphone 6) is trying to look more like HTC.

    • shatner

      iPhone 1. First. 2006. 😉

  • shatner

    The back is still plastic lol