Good and bad news for Samsung Fascinate owners, you will be receiving an update soon, however, it’s not Froyo. The update being pushed to users now and fixes bugs found with the devices GPS (?) and updates many of the pre-installed apps.

The update is rolling out in phases so don’t worry if you have not received the push yet.

Have you received the update? Do you feel the GPS issue has been fixed as claimed, or are you one of the many who still see it not functioning properly? Let us know in the comments!

[Via AndroidCentral]

  • And………..who cares. We are weeks away from a community derived Gingerbread rom. They can take their worthless V-Cast app updates and shove them right up their ass. Nobody uses them. It’s pretty damn sad when people have gotten 2.3 running on a friggin iPhone and these incompetent losers can’t get 2.2 pushed for a phone it was actually designed for.

  • Jason

    I second what Tenburn said.

  • Shaemus

    Here here! A fine rant indeed, Tenburn!

    I have a Captivate. Galaxy S phones are good devices, but the GPS and support from the manufacturer/carriers SUCKS!

  • Cyryl


    FUCK Verizon and Samsung for doing such a fucking SHITTY job of giving us an update that has been promised several times but not delivered.

    Pisses me off watching Samsung gloat in Twitter about it’s new phones at CES… WHO GIVES A FUCK about your new phones, Samsung!? I’ve still got a perfectly good Fascinate that’s STILL waiting for Froyo!

    They had BETTER be working on a surprise Gingerbread update.

    Mother fuckers.

  • Brick Tamland

    Loud Noises!!!

  • waldek

    fuck samsung and more .

  • james

    Sob!! That’s all?? Just a regular update?? Hahahaha useless shit. Give us something to look forward to, like.. 2.3!!

  • tool

    And now all this Verizon-IPhone crap in the news. What about us who already spent our lunch money to get this shiny outdated toy!

  • Andy

    It would be really cool if I thought that Samsung heard or cared about ANYTHING that its customers think.
    I doubt very much that I’d buy another Samsung phone, based on their lack of communication with customers- which is sad because it should be, could be, a very nice device.
    There’s a lot to like about the Galaxy, but Samsung exists in a bubble, with no outreach to the people who pay their bonuses.

  • Rey

    Trust me, it’s mostly Samsung and Verizon’s fault, but it’s also Google’s, for not creating and enforcing a heavy handed licensing agreement that would require the manufactures and providers to keep the OS up to date. I mean the media is already reporting the fact that Android is more vulnerable to virus’ than the iPhone. If it takes 8 months to get a patch and who knows how long to get the next version, Android is dead. And I’m not a hater, I’d love nothing more than for it to succeed, but I think it will be like other open source software (e.g. Linux), relegated to techno-nerds who can waste time rooting the phone and getting it to work the way they want it.

    A 4.3″ retina display iPhone would destroy Android, and not for any other reason then the one I stated above.

    Google, please save us…

  • Frank A

    You people are nuts…its just a phone, something to mess around with when you’re bored. Listen to yourselves…get a grip people…go watch a ballgame.

  • Devonjk

    are you kidding me? my gps worked fine before, and now won’t work at all. then, I used to play my music through AUX connection in my radio, and now after the update it doesn’t work.  Ruining shit that worked before…