Samsung Exhibit II 4G update rolling out – changes phones name


T-Mobile has a few Samsung phones they’ve released over the past year or so that didn’t get tagged with the popular “Galaxy” branding. One of those is the Samsung Exhibit II 4G. Today Samsung and T-Mobile are pushing out an update to the handset for those still using it, although you won’t see very many changes. More details after the break.

The update was detailed today by and will be bringing the budget-friendly smartphone up to Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread, as this phone will probably never be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich. Along with a few bug fixes, performance enhancements as well as some security patches from Google. The thing that immediately caught our eye was the name change. They’ve re-branded the phone as the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G.

Pretty odd and interesting move if you ask us. T-Mobile already has a Samsung Exhibit 4G and we reviewed it here. Either they didn’t like the II in the name, or Samsung’s decided to re-brand all their phones with the iconic Galaxy brand. There should also be general improvements to WiFi and the camera on the phone so that is good news. The update is rolling out starting today so expect it to arrive on your Exhibit shortly.

[via Android Police]

  • SteveG

    I’ve rooted my Exhibit Ii 4G. Will this new update brick my phone?

  • DerekB

    I rooted mine and when I tried to update it restarted and then the update disappeared. No 2.3.6 for me I guess.

    • Me

      Whenever you root your phone, it generally blocks any firmware updates, so to get the update you would need to indoor then download the update, then reroot.

  • numero

    i need an answer too

  • martin

    i had the same problem ROOTED it and couldnt install the new update tell now… i was able to so call” out of the box” my phone back to factory settings just use this link….. i did it as of 7/8/12 and it worked

  • Scott Schnellenberger

    Get jocal Peach Sunrise custom rom. (do a Google Search, it’s on xda forums) It’s ffairly easy to do, even for a newb, gets rid of the bloatware, and makes the phone faster. Some nice tweeks and managers as well. I neer could get Kies to work so I went this way and am very satisfied.