It’s been just under a year and a half since Samsung introduced its original Galaxy Tab, and in that time we’ve seen no less than four extra models, none of which the company saw fit to grace with a sequel moniker. That changes today with the debut of the Galaxy Tab 2, a refit of the original Samsung Galaxy Tab and its pseudo-upgrade, the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. Most notably, the Galaxy Tab 2.0 will (probably) be the first Samsung tablet to come with Ice Cream Sandwich at launch.

The Galaxy Tab 2 fits in at the bottom of Samsung’s current tab lineup, presumably the first of its third-generation tablet devices. The 7-inch screen keeps the original’s 1024×600 resolution on an LCD (not AMOLED) panel. A 1Ghz dual-core processor won’t break any records, but should be plenty for all the basic tablety tasks, and when paired with a 3MP rear camera it places the Galaxy Tab 2 squarely in the low-end for Samsung. At 10.5mm it’s just a little thicker than the 7.7, 8.9 and 10.1-inch versions, though not terribly so.

Connection comes in the form of WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0 and HSPA+ connections, the latter of which is probably optional to suit customer and carrier taste. 8, 16 and 32GB capacities can be augmented with a MicroSD card. On the software side of things, you get Samsung’s TouchWiz-altered flavor of Ice Cream Sandwich, along with Sammy’s standard pack-in applications.

Pricing and availability haven’t been mentioned, but given the spec sheet I’d place this one at around $400 USD for the WiFi-only version. It should come to Europe and Asia soon, with US availability coming a few weeks to a couple of months after that. Expect to see more members of the “Galaxy Tab 2” family to be introduced soon, possibly at Mobile World Congress.

[via SlashGear]

  • A small screen tablet, hmmm. Can’t wait for Apple to come out with a small iPad so Samsung can sue them for a form factor that copies theirs.

    • Anonymous

      Steve jobs will not approve a 7″ form factor.

  • How is a 400 dollar 7 inch tablet on a “budget”? Must be some budget!

    • agreed. With the ASUS quad-core MeMO being $249 Samsung better have a good price or they’ll lose

  • Anonymous

    Seems kind of lame for the price. That new ASUS 7.0 tab that’s coming out this summer has way better specs and for only $250. Plus, it will be easier to unlock and it doesn’t have anywhere near as much crapware on it.

  • And no SAMOLED?  No sale.

  • Brian Worhatch

    $400?? That’s no budget pricing. It has to be at least $300 at max price. Like others said ASUS Memo 7.0 is better for almost half the price. Also I don’t get what’s different about the current Galaxy Tab 7.0 they have out besides it not having ICS on it.

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  • Anonymous

    i kind of doubt that samsung would sell this for $400 considering it’s low end specs. I bet it’s somewhere south of 350. Anything over that price would be ridiculous at this point.

  • Axel Terrier

    I would get this for 250€

  • Kevin Kerr

    < $200 or no deal. ASUS's $250 quad-core Tegra 3 tablet is much better.

  • Alohavm

    i just want to know when in the heck i can buy one and from whom??