Samsung is proving cagey on whether the Galaxy S family of smartphones will see an official upgrade to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, blaming system requirements and “the overall effect of such [an] Update to Samsung products” – among other things – for the uncertainty. That’s according to a Samsung spokesperson pestered by Pocket-lint, who basically surmised that the possibility of an update was still being decided.

“In case a new version of Android operating system is publicly announced and released, Samsung will review the possibility of implementation of such new version to the existing Samsung products with Android operating system (“Update”).

Such a review will be based on various factors including, without limitation, the overall effect of such Update to Samsung products, the system requirements, the structural limitations, and the level of cooperation from the component suppliers and the software licensors” Samsung UK

Meanwhile Google’s lead Android developer, Dan Morrill, has confirmed that the hardware requirements of Gingerbread “are similar” to those of Froyo, and that the platform “has never had hard processor” minimum specifications. If Samsung decides not to release Gingerbread for the Galaxy S, it seems like it would be more for reasons of keeping the new Nexus S differentiated rather than for anything technical.

[via Engadget]

  • Can I at least get my Froyo that I was originally told I would be getting in September, and most recently was told “by the end of November”?

  • Mikey

    If we were to receive Gingerbread, it probably wouldn’t be till 2012 and when they’re releasing 4.2, Maple Brown Sugar Cookies or whatever…

  • C

    I think every manufacturer should skip Gingerbread and go straight to Honeycomb. It doesn’t make sense to put all that effort into an OS that will only be the latest from December 14, 2010 though February 2011.

  • Abisurd

    Froyo came out mid Nov. and I’ve had the official release on my phone for about a month now.

  • MomsInCollege

    The Unofficial Froyo came out…not the real deal. I flashed the leak and I gotta say it IS pretty fabulous, save for the GPS void… Samsung is losing hope from its customers by sliding focus to new, untried devices instead of their Best Ace in the Hole, The Galaxy S line.