It looks like T-Mobile and Samsung have finally come to terms regarding the update plans for a few of their popular devices. While we’ve heard similar reports from most carriers T-Mobile’s been mum on details until now. Today we’ve confirmed Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will be coming to a slew of Samsung devices from the Magenta carrier.

Two weeks ago Samsung released a similar report detailing their upgrade plans and anything from T-Mobile was left out. Simply stating they were “communicating with T-Mobile” so it’s nice to see things are on the right track — even if they are a little late. As reported by TmoNews today Samsung added T-Mobile’s devices to their lists.

While Samsung didn’t give any sort of specific dates, or even expected availability it’s good to know they are at least working with T-Mobile, and will be updating these popular devices soon. The first on the list is probably that Galaxy S II, and maybe the Galaxy Tab 10.1 now that they’ve released the Tab 2 10-inch. Stay tuned as we’ll be sure and update once we confirm any update time frames.

[via Samsung]

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  • Phuc

    Hi all,
    Can someone please tell which “app2SD” app works best with ICS on a SG Tab2 tablet?