For those that might not know the Samsung Captivate, a Galaxy S phone has recently been getting a little buzz about finally getting CyanogenMod 7. There has been a little chatter about it over the last few weeks, and that is simply because people can build CM7 ROM’s for phones using the open source kitchen that the CyanogenMod and TD team has in place, so they were unofficial builds that were created by developers. Tonight is the first official nightly build and it is available now.

The AT&T Samsung Captivate was recently just updated to Android 2.2 FroYo, and it has been around for a while. So to be able to finally run the latest and greatest Android 2.3.4 should be a nice change of pace for those looking to get the greatest rom ever. Yes that would be CyanogenMod.

Without explaining to much, because you should only be flashing this if you know what you are doing, I’ll go ahead and link to the first official CM7 Nightly build for the Captivate. Click Here. What this means is the great developers of CM and @ChrisSoyars now feel it is feature complete and stable enough for some beta testing. So for those feeling on the edge, or just love CM7 like the rest of us feel free to get it now. As always do a backup of your current rom, and if you switching to another you should always do a full wipe first. The recommended steps for CM7 on the Captivate are the same for most devices, it must be rooted, and have clockworkmod. Or to make things easy just download Rom Manager from the market, update your captivate to the latest clockworkmod version and then use Rom Manager to search and find CyanogenMod7, install it and enjoy.

Samsung Captivate nightly build: Download

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  • Jayq330

    Does anyone think out would work on the vibrant? Or does the vibrant already have one of its own? Please email me a link if there is one because I can’t find acm7 for my vibrant. Jayq330@gmail. com.

  • Kaik541

    just fyi, these builds will not work as-is. they still require a specific set of instructions to do the initial installation. this is only for updating when you are ALREADY on CM7. and even then, it only works after modifying the way it installs to actually boot. I’m not on the dev team, but I’m considered to be on their support staff and I’d rather you didn’t point people at these nightlies misleadingly as they don’t work in their current state at all. please go here, and we’ll announce when everything will work “as-is” from the buildfarm.

  • Anonymous

    Nice, more cyanogenMOD 7 loaded devices!    As a communicator for project Advanced Technology and Design Korea, I shared this news with the audience through the twitter ( and facebook  (  For more related content, check out the blog when you can! (  Have a good one!