Samsung is at it again today with another one of their awesome comparison graphs. This time around they aren’t comparing the Note 10.1 to the new iPad, instead they are showing why their new and impressive Galaxy Tab 2 (7″) is the best budget tablet around – coming in at $249. Below you can see our full review of the tablet, and their detailed graph showing why you should choose it over the competition.

As a quick reminder before the graph breaks it all down. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch comes with a 1026 x 600 resolution display, a powerful 1.0 GHz TI OMAP 4 dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, front and rear cameras, as well as the latest Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich – not Gingerbread like some other budget tablets with flames n such.

Below is a graph showing that not only is the Tab 2 thinner and lighter, but it has full access to the Google Play Store, additional storage options, an IR transmitter, and cameras all for a few dollars more than the Kindle Fire or the Barnes & Noble NOOK tablet. Check out the details below:

If you’ve been looking for an awesome ereader/tablet that is portable, powerful, and stays inside of your budget the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch for only $249 is a force to be reckoned with. Either that or wait for the “rumored” Google tablet that should also be 7-inches, but we have nothing but rumors at this point while Samsung’s tab is available today. Do you think Samsung has a valid argument here?

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  • banjoonmyknee

    Cool!   How do I download Game of Thrones on this?   or view Wired’s online edition?

    It’s all about content.

    • John

       who cares about that particular game or that particular mag — there are thousands more useful things to do on Android

      • banjoonmyknee

        The 54% of Android tablet buyers who bought $199 Kindle Fire and are bypassing the supposed usefulness of other Android tablets tend to disagree.    Look at the numbers in this link to see how how much market share Samsung has already lost. 

        I don’t disagree that this tablet will be useful to some but Sammy has to make it earn for them.  They have a steep hill to climb and lack of compelling content will hurt in the general market. Google’s half-assed video, book and non-existent newstand market needs to get better to compete.

      • Afzalwali

        Remember how the hp’s tablets sold? And why the kindle fire is selling? They are selling more not because these tablets have better specs, but because they are affordable.
        AND because they let the users do 99% of the tasks (browsing/books, movies, games). The rest of the stuff ( skype, gps, camera etc. ) my iphone can handle well.

        Personally, my budget for a tablet is $100, and was looking for a used nook color, till the rumour came out for the google nexus (Asus) tablet at $149, which i _would_ buy at that price. Unfortunately, no one is looking for better specs in the price range samsung has tried to target, so galaxy tab 2 will lose.

      • IRIE4IPIER

        Now you do know that all that supposed content that comes with the kindle fire is downloadable on any Android device right? All the amazon apps are available in the Google play store idiot.

      • banjoonmyknee

        Really?  Please show me where in the Google market the Amazon Video player is, the specific app from Amazon that allows me to buy, stream, download videos from the Amazon store. Post the Google Play store link for it here.

  • Jotie

    Samsung has good products but, in my humble opinion, won’t attract many potential
    eReader customers.  Samsung’s tablet does
    not even come with a good user manual to show off all its features as a better
    android device than other eReaders.  Samsung’s
    small Quick Startup booklet is a disgrace to a nice tablet.  The real User Manual for Tab 2 7.0” was finally
    released on April 26 on Samsung web site. 
    The downloadable PDF file has an odd page size
    6″x4″ (similar to other Samsung tablets) that does not print well on
    common paper sizes without special fitting.  Custom-printed hard copies of this user manual
    (arranged and bound into a convenient book) are available on ebay for this and
    some other Galaxy tablets.  Samsung should
    seriously consider packaging a good manual with the product.  (Late availability of the manual and not
    packaged with the product seem to be a logistic problem in Samsung.)

  • LanceMiller

    After what I’ve gone through with Samsung warranty claims & the slowness in getting firmware updates I cannot see myself buying any tablet other than the new Nexus if it’s made by “Asus”. I also hope that Google releases a 10″ version as part the 5 devices they’re claiming they will sell direct from Google Play.

  • FuzzFace

    Personally, and as an early adopter of the original galaxy tab, I will not be purchasing another samsung device. Updates wise they have hung us lot out to dry and are now saying I must purchase a new device to run ICS? This is rubbish. How many other budget tablets are there running ICS with only a single core 1ghz processor? Quite a few I believe. Its only touchwiz that causes the issue, so just ship an update with vanilla ICS and problem solved. Far worse than Apple in that respect.