Samsung has announced a deal with the National Basketball Association, which will bring their tablets and TVs courtside. The three-year deal will make Samsung the official TV and tablet sponsor for the NBA, and increase their brand recognition in the sports world.

Already a sponsor of NBA star LeBron James, Samsung’s $100 million deal wit the NBA also includes the NBA’s other leagues. The Women’s NBA (WNBA), as well as the NBA Developmental League (D-League), will also get Samsung devices. Samsung will also gain sponsorship rights to the highly anticipated annual NBA Draft.

The NBA is also said to be working on content specifically for Samsung devices. Much like the recent Samsung partnership with the Winter Olympic games, the content will only be available on Samsung devices, and possibly distributed outside of the Play Store.

Samsung’s deal sounds large, but considering the $12 billion or so they spent on marketing the Galaxy S4, it’s a pretty run-of-the-mill day for the Samsung PR machine. While tablets and TVs will be provided, there is no word on whether or not any promotional consideration outside of the brand recognition will be realized.

The deal will also make Samsung the title sponsor of the NBA Summer League, which is a series of pre-season games meant to ease rookies ingot he league and give veterans time to get back into the swing of things, should they need it. Samsung will be prominently displayed on games which are nationally broadcast on TNT, ESPN, ABC, as well as the NBA digital properties. Samsung will also be the presenting sponsor of the refreshed “NBA Inside Stuff” series.

  • Birdman81484 aka “birdy”

    I have been following this site since the T-Moble G1 came out. Since then the Android operating system has evolved exponentially. While the Android Community has devolved exponentially. I have read two articles in a row with horrid spelling errors in the last 10 minutes and another article earlier today had one complete paragraph free of spelling errors but was grammatically unintelligible. Common guys. All your doing is ripping articles from other sources….CTRL-V then CTRL-C then spell check in case they are as bad as you.(Yes, I used spell check for this response…all I had to do was right click the words underlined in red.)