Sixty million what, you may ask? Sixty million smartphones, of course. Seem like a large number to you? It is. This year they sold right around one third of that, Shin Jong-kyun, the head of Samsung’s mobile business division saying the following: “I think we did better than our previous goal of selling 270 million mobile phones in 2010. The 20 million smartphones sold gives us a foundation to build on in the premium segment too.” He told this to Korea Times on the sidelines of CES 2011. He went on to note that they’ll aim at strengthening their positions in regions such as Southeast Asia, China, and Central and South Ameria.

Shin also noted that Samsung will be unveiling a brand new version of the Galaxy S handset at World Mobile Congress in Barcelona in February. This new phone will be powered by a dual-core processor and will have a super AMOLED-plus display with enhanced density and will of course be running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Also Shin noted that they’d be expanding their Galaxy Tab lineup and will be releasing more detailed business plans and WMC. Shin noted, “Upping our competitiveness in applications and content is crucial for us to improve our smartphones. We will continue to invest in our four-major content hubs (Readers, Media, Social and Music) and strengthen our collaboration with developers and encourage them to produce premium content,” and added that he expected the global mobile-phone market to go up by 10 percent this year, with the smartphone market blowing this number away with a 30 to 40 percent increase.

[Via Korea Times]

  • orgreeno

    Seriously? After how terribly the Galaxy S has been supported on ALL the carriers. I’d be a fool to buy another Samsung phone.

  • DF

    Hope you like the android version is ships with since samsung is worthless when it comes to support/updates

    The only samsung product i’ll own (phone wise) is he nexus s as they will not be doing the updates

  • updating so soon? I’m very happy with my Galaxy S because I got Froyo but now I feel like my phone will be obsolete when gingerbread is released for SGS. Hope they will also release parallel OS update for Galaxy S Froyo.