Hulu’s support for Android has left more than a few people underwhelmed: in addition to coming out considerably later than the iOS version, it still only works on select devices. Thanks to the folks over at XDA, specifically one callming his or herself “Vgeezy”, has found away around that. The modified Hulu Plus APK should work on almost any Android device. According to further comments, systems as diverse as the Galaxy Nexus Motorola XOOM, DROID X2, and original Transformer are working.

This is not to be confused with the web version of Hulu, which is still blocked on Android and other mobile devices despite Flash working fine on most phones and tablets. Hulu doesn’t have permission from its masters at Fox, NBC and Disney to stream video to mobile platforms – at least without getting some cold hard cash for it. You’ll still need a Hulu Plus subscription and login to use the app, which currently costs $7.99 a month. The app doesn’t circumvent this (nor should it) but it simply allows those who pay for Hulu to access it where they previously couldn’t.

Installation is via the standard non-Market method. It appears that the modified app works fine even on phones and tablets that haven’t been rooted – feel free to throw this one onto friends’ and family’s devices, if you know what you’re doing. The developer has also included a modified landscape version for tablets and Google TV boxes, though there’s no report on whether this one actually works or not. Click the source link above to download the APK for yourself, and happy watching.

[via KnowYourCell]

  • Anonymous

    I just choose to give Hulu the same finger it gave Android users.   Thanks to Netflix and Amazon Prime/Instant Video, I have no need for Hulu.

  • Bye Hulu

    Yep same here.  Nothing much to watch there now so many shows have been pulled, and not available on anything I want to watch on (android phone, android tablet, google tv).  My subscription just suspended, to be cancelled if nothing changes in 90 days.

    • Rich25

      I just did the same thing. It works on my EVO 4G, but I really have no need for that. I want it to work on my Google TV!

  • Usama Ahmed

    Hey what is hulu?

  • Keith Gallagher

    The landscape mod apk doesn’t work for Google TV.